My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

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02 July 2013
Don't delete.


22 September 2011
Hey you guys! Check out my new blog site here.  THANKS!!

So you want to get married...Part 4: Tuxedos!

25 July 2011
You absolutely cannot plan your wedding without also considering what your man is going to wear on that day.  What he wears is just as important as what you wear and giving it some thought and consideration will be worth it in the long run.

You can't really go wrong with a man in a nicely cut tuxedo or tailored suit. The tuxedo is always a classic. A good tuxedo is formal wear at its very best. Simple, elegant, and classic. Think 007, Cary Grant, and Sinatra. And military is always super fly!


Do you buy or rent your tuxedo? The best way to decide is to ask yourself whether or not you see yourself attending a lot of Black-Tie events in the future. If you see yourself in this position, buying a tuxedo is probably the best decision. A tuxedo that is purchased can be tailored to your specifications. This makes for a tux that will fit and look a whole lot better. On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself attending anything that requires a tuxedo, renting is your best choice.

(taken from


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

-Gray or white tuxedos are strictly wedding attire, whereas black tuxedos can be used for multiple events.

-Please keep the Cummerbunds in your high school prom photos and out of the wedding chapel~! Go with a vest. No Colors. Black or Silver, as they may be easier to coordinate with flower. Pattern or not, it’s your choice. Don’t forget the matching handkerchief.

-Either Bow ties or long ties are appropriate. I love a man in a sharp tie! Its both safe and classic; modern and sleek.

-Collared shirts please (that might go without saying). Even if your wedding is casual, say on the beach...stick with the collared shirt.

-If you go with a real bow tie, make sure you know how to tie it or have some one who knows how to be at your wedding.

-Tails are for conductors and penguins!


eyelets: new blog (to come)

22 July 2011
So I am a little bit of a dork and not technical at all.

I decided to add Wordpress as my new Blog...for many reasons.  But when I set it up, I pointed my website address to the wordpress (which isn't up and running yet) so at some point today, is anyone puts in what they are going to get is crickets....that's right...nada!

So I called and got it all sorted out but these things have to go in stages and in another 24 hours it should all be placed right. 

Until then, just hang out here on this blog.  Look at a few photos.  Leave me some love (PLEASE! I'm not talking to myself am I?) Well maybe....that's okay too.

And I am hoping that my Saturday afternoon, my web address will be pointing in the right direction and I can start working on the new blog site!  woo hoo!

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So You Decided to Get!

19 July 2011
Please don't ask me for a formal name. What you might get back is "Well, its pretty and purple!" The extent of my "flower power" is reminding my children not to pick them. I don't KNOW flowers, but I love to look at them and breathe in their fragrance. I may not be a florist, but I know that choosing your wedding colors will probably be one of the first things you do (outside of announcing to the world that you just got engaged!) And once you pick your colors, you may start to consider flower choices that will compliment and enhance your wedding day palatte.

I am by no means a floral expert. But, there are so many really good florists around, choosing the one (florist) that is right for your wedding, will help to bring your vision to fruition. As a wedding photographer, I would say that there is no wrong way for flowers. Anything goes. You can choose bold colorful flowers, or dainty all depends on what you want and your budget.

I love Pinterest and all of these photos came directly from there.  Pinterest is a great place to help you define what you like and what you don't like.


Talk to recently married friends and family and use local resource guides Once you have a few options, call and make appointments to visit your choices. This is your opportunity to make sure the florist is someone you feel comfortable with.


During your appointment, ask lots of questions! This is your time to get to know the florist and determine if they will be able to adequately capture your vision. A few questions you might want to ask are:

1) who will actually create the arrangements?
2) how many other weddings they will be working on around your wedding date?

Also, ask if the wedding florist has done events at your venue before. And, if you are able, take some photos of your venue so they can see what they are working with.

reception decorating

In-season flowers can dramatically cut your flower costs, so before you get your heart set, ask your florist if there is another variety that will give you the same look and feel for what you had in mind. Maybe its the color of the flower that you like, or a certain texture of flower. Be flexible. And any florist worth their weight, should be able to help you figure out what types of flowers work best for your style and budget.


Don't wait too long to do this -- the best florists fill up fast!

If you are looking for something a bit different, brooch bouquets are so popular lately. Did you see that gorgeous one in the first set of photos?  I would love to own one, just to have for my collection of pretty things. You can check etsy for brooch bouquets. I did a quick search and found several pages of vendors who specialize in them.

Also another alternative would be something like this.
Designed by Miss Ruby Sue, photo credit to Innov8 Studio.


This piece is gorgeous! It is made with several different feathers, flowers, and lace.  I had hoped to get a photo of this in color so show you how brilliant Miss Ruby Sue is, but couldn't. So I hope you can use your imagination with this one.  I am certain she would be able to do one in any color of your choice.  I am going to just have one made, to keep and use as a photo prop. I am a bit biased, I love anything Miss Ruby Sue makes.

Be creative! Find your style!

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eyefull: a girl and a piece of watermelon Phoenix| California| and wherever else my camera takes me!

18 July 2011
How much can a child have with just a piece of fruit? Apparently, A LOT!
Check it out.


I had a thought of doing a quickie shoot with a watermelon. Good thing my girl likes watermelon.



NOTE: When you are photographing children and you want to use food, make sure to bring something they will like to eat and shoot fast! Before you know it, what they are eating may be gone.....







eyefull: So you decided to get married...Part 3: Wedding Dresses!

15 July 2011
Every girl has worn them.
Some have worn them against their will, but most others have relished the fact that you just feel prettier when you are in a pretty dress.  And twirling is awful fun too!

Every girl has thought about getting married.
Some won't (for many reason), but most will make that walk down the aisle. 
And what dress could make them feel more prettier. More glamorous. More like a princess than a wedding dress?

Months it takes to find the perfect one.  I remember buying up every wedding magazine I could find, tearing out and carefully noting where I would be able to find that dress.  I went to many gown show rooms and tried on so many beautiful dresses...I had a style in mind for what I wanted and that's what I went after.

There are so many dresses, colors, fabrics, textures, styles to choose from.  The prospects are endless for todays bride.  Since brides come in all different shapes, sizes, skin tones, so should dresses.  And they do! Dresses come with different skirt styles (A lines, full) and different bodices (scooped, scallopped, straight, high necklines, low plunges).  There are dresses with lace, dresses that are rouched, dresses with tufts, dresses that are straight....the combinations are endless.

Wedding dresses

Before you start trying on gowns , you need to confirm a few logistics: What time of year will the wedding take place? Where will the reception be? This will keep you from buying a dress that won't feel right on the day of (high neck with lots of lace for a outside garden wedding, a princess cut skirt for a reception in a small restaurant). But don't wait too long to begin shopping. It takes four to six months to have a dress made and fitted, sometimes longer for one with intricate handwork. If you start shopping eight to twelve months in advance, you won't feel rushed -- or encounter rush charges.


Its important to set a budget. Yes, the "B" word is back. If you do this you won't be likely to have your heart set on something that you can't afford. And just remember, if you go over budget in this area, you may have to cut back in another area.

wedding dresses 3

wedding dresses 4

Most bridal boutiques recquire an appointment. So making and keeping this appointment at the boutiques you want to look at is crucial. It would be helpful to arrive at your appointment with some examples of the kinds of dresses you are interested in. This way, the associate will be able to locate dresses that fit your style more quickly.


Decide on a silhouette. Know which type of gown will flatter your figure the best. Look at photos of each type. You can browse wedding website message boards and member profiles for photos of real women wearing gowns, rather than relying on professional photos of models wearing them. Here is a list of the 4 basic gown silhouettes:

Ball gowns have very full skirts and generally will look beautiful on any body type, theyvgenerally either have crinolines built in or a slip you must wear to support the shape of the gown. Be advised that this extra fabric can be heavy and bulky and will require extra care to wear.

A-lines usually have a fitted bodice with a skirt that flares gently from the waist to form an "A" shape. They generally work for everyone as well, and are a terrific choice for someone who would like to hide lower body flaws, but does not want a ball gown. A-lines are not as full as ball gowns.

Sheaths flatter women with slim, balanced figures. They shouldn't be worn by brides who dislike their figures. This gown will not hide any flaws. If you think your thighs or butt are too big, you'll be miserable in this type of dress. Don't try to pull it off because you found a gown you love in this style. You don't want to risk being uncomfortable or self conscious on your wedding day, or regretting your choice every time you look at wedding photos.

Empire waist gowns have a skirt that falls from just below the breasts. Although usually listed with various waistline types and not always considered a type of silhouette, they are a wonderful choice for a casual, non-formal wedding, or weddings in a tropical climate. They're usually made of light, flowing fabric. They're also excellent for pregnant brides, because they provide extra room in the waist, making them a comfortable choice. They also won't draw as much attention to the belly as a dress with a lower waistline would.


Make sure you are comfortable in the dress you choose. Lift your arms up over your heard, do a little jig...make sure you can move (and breath) in the dress. (Info taken from

NOTE: Most stores require a deposit, with the remaining balance due when you pick up the dress!


Oh!  Make sure you take someone with you.

Maybe a few someones (hint: a brides maid or two, mother, grandmother)...someone who knows your style and your taste and will give you an opinion based on that information.  Your sales clerk will also be very helpful, they certainly should not want you walking down the aisle in a dress that is ill formed for your BUT your girlies are the ones who will know right away if you have "found the one."

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Next time: Grooms, Bridesmaids/Groomsmen, Flowers and gifts!