My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: senior

31 March 2010
Here is the daughter of my dear friend. This is her first born. I just love every shot and I love this family. It was my honor to photograph this time in her life.

This is DeeDee.

eyefull: dropping it in Black and White.

30 March 2010
I am really REALLY loving the photos I am taking.
But I am finding that I am loving them even more in Black and White.
If you would allow me, I would love to do a mini session of your family entirely in Black and White. I am offering this to ONE FAMILY in April. So first one who contacts me…first one served. I will offer this session at a discount from my normal rate at
$60. If you are interested, please get in touch with me ASAP.



I think I am finding my groove in black and white photography. I really like all of the photos I take, but am finding a particular affinity for the black and white images. I wonder if my customers would mind if I dropped all of their photos in black and white??? Maybe I should offer a greatly discounted session if they let me do that. hmmm....

What do you think of this image?

i heart faces: dramatic black and white

28 March 2010
i heart faces is having a dramatic black and white contest this week. I posted my photo, but I think I did it wrong, so I am reposting it this way...sorry.

This is my friend Stella. She started a photography group out here where we meet once a month, take photos and talk "shop." We are each other's models as we go around town. Right now, we have four in our group...two of us are from Maricopa; two from nearby Casa Grande. Its fun and I not only enojoy these photographers, but the comaraderie that we have. Love this group because it is just help and friendship (period)

eyefull: models

I am so lucky to live where I do.
I have been able to meet some fabulous women photographers in the area, who support each other and get together and share skills, time, and talent with one another. We meet once a month-photograph each other-have dinner- and share experiences. So this Saturday the Maricopa branch of the group hosted the show. We took them to one of the local parks with a beautiful lake and also out to the Ak-Chin Pecan Grove. Here are just a few of the images that I captured...I have 334 to sort through still!

It was such a blast.
I am lucky to know these ladies.
The group is open to anyone. So if you want to come shoot around, our next meeting is May 8th. The Casa Grande girls will show us around town.

Terri Calleo Decanter is a photographer from Casa Grande. She owns Terry Decanter Photography at

Stella Crowel is a photographer from Maricopa. She owns Style Image Studios at

Angel Cupp owns T Cupp Photography at

eyefull: children

This was my second opportunity to photograph this family. This little guy turned three and shares a birthday month with his father and one of his grandfathers. Mom thought it would be great to have a photo shoot with all of the men in Rocco's life to commemorate his birthday. The theme for his birthday party was Super Hero' cute.

Here is just a few of the images...

Rocco with all the super hero's in his life...his father and both his grandparents.

WHEW! Its tough being three!

Some of what I have been working on....

Working working working....well, it hasn't been all that bad, but I have forgotten to blog about it!

I have been working on cheer photos for my daughters school. I will just post the photos I did of her, but I think they came out great! I am so excited for each cheer leader to be able to have a photographic memorial of what they have worked so hard on this past year.

Then after I finished that photo shoot, I was able to take some photographs for one of the local preschools here in town. So cute. These kids were great. Their teacher and parents should be so proud of how well they behaved and followed directions.

There were three groups of 5-6 students per group.

April Showers....

25 March 2010

Nope, not in Arizona.
Thinking about taking some photos?
Let's get something on the schedule soon. Give me a call or an email!

A Saavy Photographyer Giveaway

22 March 2010

Yes Another giveaway...this time a very cool, very hip camera strap!
If you win it, don't need it...then give it to your favorite photographer--ME!!

Good luck!

The Savvy Photographer giveaway! Yay!

17 March 2010

The Saavy Photographer has yet another giveaway!
Be quick!
It ends today!

one more of the Windhams...

I think its time to stop editing for "sneak peaks" and start editing for the family! But there are so many cute ones.....its hard to stop ;)

New WEBsite

15 March 2010
New Website coming soon!
Be on the look out
(I am so excited)!!

an eyefull of the Windhams....

Seriously, some of the nicest people. So giving and willing. It was great to capture three generations, as grandma and grandpa were on hand to capture some moments as well.

I had the opportunity to meet this family from a referral from another set of newborn photos I have recently taken.

Pathway Prep Jr. and Sr. Cheer!

These shots are just pure fun of the girls this past weekend performing in Maricopa. They have worked so very hard and have such they have a lot of fun! Coach Mundell is doing a wonderful job with these girls...building skill and character!

The Cesar Family

This family is family...literally!~
My husbands niece and family, I was honored that they asked me take their family photos (and brothers two year photos) on our recent trip to California.

The Saavy Photographer Giveaway~

05 March 2010
Just one more tool that we can use in are arsenal when learning and crafting photography! Go check it out!

Just another eyefull!

04 March 2010

I 100% love this photo.
Without a doubt.
It is so precious.
You should have been there to see this manly man with his darling girl.
I am so thankful that I get to capture moments like these.

an eyefull of Ms. Lay....

01 March 2010
This little princess is so cute. I feel so privledged to not only had the opportunity to photograph her parents' maternity photos, but then to capture some lovely ones of baby Z herself. I love these two photos. I am particularly fond of the photo with Dad because of the tatoo...if you scroll down you will see a photo I took of him cradling mom's belly...and I wanted to complete the photo set with a picture of him cradling baby girl as well.

This photo is also a favorite. I love this new fuzzy, hairy prop.

I think this princess definitely looks like Daddy. And it was so sweet to see him with her...Oh boy! she already has him wrapped around her fingers.