My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

an eyefull of baby L!

30 January 2010
My first maternity session. Ever!
Let's just say I was a little nervous. I don't know why. Not only have I been pregnant, BUT I have had maternity photos taken of me...but that doesn't necessarily translate from one side of the camera to the other!

Thanks to this lovely family for allowing me to photograph this moment in their lives. This nugget is due any time now and lucky for me...I get to photograph her as a newborn too!

Another photographer friend of mine told me about this venue. I have driven past it quite a few time (to say the least) on my way into town. I am so thankful she gave me a heads up. All of these white walls, cool arches, windows, and wrought iron, really made for a nice backdrop.

I love love love this photo. You can't see it too well, but on Dad's bicep are tattooed each of their two sons names and tiny foot prints and there is a space right near his elbow for the new nugget! I can't wait to photograph baby sister next to these cool tats!

I need to give credit for this idea. My husband and I were sitting around thinking of some neat poses that I could do on this shoot and he thought about the idea of painting the boys hands and having them "paint" Mom's stomach. I thought it was a great idea. And, I think it came out very nicely.

The Littlest Heroes

27 January 2010

I have been given the opportunity to provide professional photography with an organization called The Littlest Heroes. With this organization, we have the pleasure of providing free photography services for families with children suffering from life threating diseases and illnesses. It is a wonderful organization, founded my a very nice gal. I hope to be able to provide beautiful pictures to many families at a time when, perhaps, photos isn't the first things on their minds!

If you want to read more, go here:
If you know of anyone who might qualify, have them check out the service too. This organization is nation wide.

While I opened the business as a “business” it was never my intention to use it only for the purpose of making money. I am still a social worker at heart and I have a strong pull toward giving back to my community, locally and, perhaps someday, globally. It is my desire to use this God given vision to help many others. People who cannot pay for professional photography. People who never might have a photograph made except for the fact that they knew me and received it as a gift. I am excited to see how God will use this social worky part of my personality to benefit Him.

an eyefull of possibilities!

22 January 2010
The Only limitation is our imagination. With good light and a decent background, photographs can be taken just about anywhere! Let's imagine together and make it happen! Go to my photoblog at see some of the areas that I have shot photographs, click on “picture possibilities” to see some of the areas around Maricopa that make a beautiful backdrop for family and individual photos

Book your session today!
Great pricing packages. Let's work together to make sure your event is an eyefull!

eyefull and charity!

19 January 2010
eyefull photography was just asked to photograph a charity event this Spring. I am so excited. Every day, I feel like I get confirmation that this is what God has for me to do right now. Whenever I think, I could go back to my old career and I would do well and I would make a difference doing it, God rearranges....I don't get a call back...I get an interview, but nothing else...or I get nothing at all! Its just further confirmation [for me] that for now this is what I am supposed to be doing. I am so thankful.

catch and eyefull of the Trimmer Family...

17 January 2010
I had the wondeful opportunity to photograph the Trimmer's today. I have known Mom for many months now. She is such a sweet, dear spirit. I am happy to call her my friend. Dad's sister is here on leave serving in the Armed forces in Iraq. They asked me to photograph them together so that she could take these photos back with her when she rejoins her unit in February.

It was also so nice to have Dad and Aunt's mother here as well.

Love this photo of Dad and brother.

Thank you so much for serving our country the way you do. I wish you well, safe, and Godspeed!

Doesn't Mom look great with her three nuggets? This was a fun family to photograph.


14 January 2010
One of the beautiful things about living out here in the sticks...

is that we have access to some things you city dwellers may not necessarily have access to. Like for instance, the dairy from last week. And this week?

a herd of sheep grazing in a field next door to the school.

Selah has been wanting to go out and take pictures with "sheep" for quite some time now, so today, we got up kind of early, got dressed and headed out.

Yes, that is dirt in #4's mouth...

Ok. Its sheep! I know. They don't do much do they? But the girls loved it. I warned Selah NOT to touch the little fence they used to hold the sheep in the field, but she got too close and ZAP! She got a little shock and a reminder...stay away from the fence! What a reminder for us as Christians. God gives us instructions...stay away from the fence. Yet, often times, we get just too close and ZAP! Hmmm,

Yet, watching the sheep also reminded me of another story in the Bible. Do you feel like braying today? Bah bah!

Enjoy! Have a great day.

Four sisters + a dairy

09 January 2010
You may not know this about me...but I know people.I know a lot of people.

I know people who own dairy's in Stanfield! -ha!

Thanks to Jessie B and her husband for letting me take the girls out to the dairy and take some photos. It is close and its definitely NOT stinky. It was a great fun!

But let's just say, the girls (cows) were a little shy. Get too close and in pops the heads into the pens. Only after they stare at your for a good ten minutes will they stick their heads out again. Nonetheless, the girls had a great time!

Here are the Four sisters in the dairy...

Birthday Girl....!

08 January 2010

check out my darling girl on her first birthday!

I had an "idea" of photogrpahing her in a nice dress, having her first birthday cake. However, she would NOT touch it with a ten foot pole...

So, I got a little bit creative with her photos and shot her "eyeing" the cake and trying to ignore it.

She was the most happy when the cake was completely out of her view.
Funny girl!