My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: eyelets

27 October 2010

I entered this photo into a contest. We were to use either Florabella Textures or MCP actions...that's it. So the left photo is SOOC (or straight out of the camera; the right is the one that I worked my editing magic). What do you think?

eyefull: Photos by Dawniele Castellanos for Kasey Luvi Photography

25 October 2010
Where to even begin?

A big THANK YOU to Kacey Luvi of KaceyLuvi Photography who was more than gracious to allow me to tag along, and second shoot on one of her weddings. She was gracious and thoughtful, answering my questions on the job. I met Kacey a year before, once, at a women's bible study (by the way Kacey also has a golden set of pipes) and we found out that not only did we go to the same college (APU), we minored in similiar fields (me, Psychology; she, social work), we also have the SAME Masters degree (social work). Kacey has been at this longer than I have and (alas) she is younger than I...

but I digress.

eyefull photography
for Kacey Luvi Photography

church details

shoes board

her details

Where do these details belong?
Well, on Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Jared & Jessica's wedding. They were married at Highlands Church (seen here and a beautiful recetption at Troon Golf Course (

It was amazing.

Start. To. Finish.

The day went off without a hitch.

It was perfect.

Meet Jared and the guys...


Straight out of a 50's movie.
Love the suits. The ties...the shoes.


Standing with Jared were three of his brothers (the other brother was officiating), a brother in law, and a best friend from childhood.




I believe this was a brother-LOL.

WHY this photo you ask?
Well when Jared and his brothers were younger, they took a similiar photo, shortest to tallest. Mom HAD to have an updated version of one of their families favorite poses.


Meet Jessica and the girls...

She's NOT a model. This is really her. Can you believe it? All brides just look radiant on their wedding day...Jess was no exception.


Jess has known some of her friends since childhood, others, just recently...but this girl has welcoming and warm personality. She is makes friends easily.





The "girls" version of the boys' pose.

Well, if she is going to be a part of this family, she has to "get with it!"


Another detail shot.

Love the prayers before the wedding. Its a big step. And Jessica and her loved ones know what is at stake...


and a sweet kiss from Mom....


Ooh! Love this photo.
I happened to turn around and catch this moment between mother and daughter. The space was super tight and I had a prime lens on the camera (meaning I couldn't zoom in or out)...what you see is what you get with prime lenses.

The Ceremony...






wedding montage

Its official...

official board

What now?
Wedding portraits of course!!






and now on to the reception...
and more beautiful portraits at the golf course...











Again....Thank you Thank you Thank you to Kavey Luvi Photography ( for allowing me to come along with one of her fabulous weddings and second shoot for her. She is amazing!


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eyefull: media

18 October 2010
I just received my custom made media kits from a studio called Graphi Studio found . They are an Italian Based company focused on making photo books (mainly wedding books) for photographers. But you can use these for anything.

I can't believe how nice these kits came out. I couldn't be more pleased.

The big one has a metal cover and the pictures (inside) are all printed on metal papers.


The middle book, is like a book, with a dust jacket. The papers inside are textured.


The smallest book, is called the pocket book.


Any of these books can be transformed into your own family keepsake.

Let me know if you are interested. I am going to integrate these books into my wedding packages, but you can definitely use them for a myriad of photography book needs.

eyefull: eyelets

" me. you're golden. like an egg. listen to me: YOU'RE DOING WHAT YOU DREAMED OF DOING. this is it. don't things stand in your way of realizing you're beautifully created for this moment. seriously." -J*

One of my favorite photograhers [to follow] posted this on her FB page...not to ME, but to those in general and today, it just resonated.


eyelet: ye old feet

14 October 2010
foot scan

• So at the Health Fair today, Yes, it is my birthday today, but I still had to work. Anyhoo, I did this thing with a chiropractor, where he scans your feet to see how you stand and then you get a print out.

So I look at Eden's (daughter #1) scan and she has nice young, 11 year old balanced feet.
I get mine.
And its all red along the curve of my foot (outside part)...the right foot has more red than the left one (which has more yellow). So I am like, "Dang those are nice feet girl." Thinking that the red curve was a good thing.

I hand it to the chiro.

Apparently, the red in the middle isn't supposed to be there. Balanced is a kidney shape at the ball of your feet and a circle at the heel, with no red in between.... Needless to say, my right side is carrying more burden than my left (uh, maybe because I have a "hip ornament" that I carry on my left hip always) and I am also putting too much pressure on the outside of my feet (well, we can thank giving birth to FOUR children for that as well)....AND if I don't correct it, I will be one of those poor elderly stooped over people...

Did I also mention that my feet hurt NOW?!

DARN those flip flops!

Darn those children!

IM 39 today! I want to hear young news not old body news!!

So when I get home, I show Alex my foot scan and I explain to him that the chiro says that I need to get new shoes and that several of them need to be custom made ;)