My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: Birthday Cake Smash! Arizona|California| and whereever else my camera takes me!

30 May 2011
Meet Colt.
That's right. Colt.
Such a yummy One year old. Today actually. One.
And today, I get to celebrate his first birthday CAKE SMASH! with him. It was quite providential that I got to do this. His family was a referral from a friend of mine (Terri Decanter) who could not photograph his birthday CAKE SMASH! She was sad not to be able to do it, but knew that she had placed him into capable hands.

We met at a park for the birthday CAKE SMASH. Colt just woke up so he wasn't quite sure what was actually going on!

Yes, we live in Arizona yet he is wearing a Washington jersey.  So, the first question one might as is, "Are you from Washington?" Nope! Not this family.  Born and bred here in Arizona.  Its just Washington has been Dad's team since he was a young boy and he is passing the love of the team onto his son.

Thaat's right Colt, I am a little bit weird.

There's a smile.
Ok, I love this black and white.  His face just screams "Humilation."  But he is so stinkin cute in his Redskins diaper cover and matching hat.  But as you can see, he soon perked up.

Yep, tha'ts right...even the cake was Redskins colors.  Go Skins!
Happy Baby.

Thank you to Colt's parents for taking a chance on me.  They had never met be before, so I am grateful that they trustfully took the referral from their photographer, my friend, Terri and allowed me to photograph Colt.

i love weddings. LOVE THEM! arizona|california|and wherever my camera takes me!

29 May 2011
I love weddings.
<3 them.
And I want to shoot more of them.
Being an Arizona Wedding Photographer has been great. I have been able to travel to California and Utah for weddings as well, and would love more opportunities to capture beautiful weddings for couples at an affordable price.
Beautiful brides.
Handsome grooms.
Everyone there to support and love the couple. Call me a romantic, but I love weddings! So here's the deal....

"The eyefull Wedding Rules" are simple:

Your wedding MUST take place in 2011.
Must be wanting to do a first look
You cannot enter if you have already booked with me.

To enter:

It is really simple, the first three brides who contact me, has a consult regarding their wedding day photography AND schedules their wedding with eyefull, will receive their wedding day photography for HALF OFF...yep, I said 1/2 I need to say it again?...thats 50% OFF the package they choose.

The 4th bride will receive 40% off
The 5th bride will receive 30% off
The 7th bride will receive 20% off

(open to anyone in the United States, but does NOT include travel fees.)

So you will get HALF OFF the wedding package you choose. HALF!

Email or call 520.483.6913.

All eyefull wedding dates are extremely valuable, so a deposit will be required to hold your eyefull wedding date. All weddings MUST occur within 2011 and cannot have already booked with me.

I am so excited.
I <3 weddings. LOVE them~


Give me a call. Tell Your Friends.

eyelet Interview: Meet Erin from Studio-Boudoir!

23 May 2011
I can't remember EXACTLY when I first saw Studio-Boudoir on FB. But immediately, I knew I loved it. I actually went to the website to see if maybe the studio was located in my immediate area because I thought to myself, "Oh! Well! Wouldn't it be fun to have some boudoir photos done?" However, I am a complete chicken. Put me in front of a camera and I forget everything that I tell my own clients to do. But, it does give me a bit of perspective for what my clients go through when I am putting them through the paces to get the shot.

I have never met Erin Michelle before.  But, when I decided to do a series of interviews over the summer, I simply thought about those photographers who work I liked and Studio-Boudoir was was of them. So I sent Erin an email about doing an interview and she said "Yes!" And I am  excited to learn a little more about Erin, her business, her style, and her life.

1) Introduce yourself and get the visitors “in” on your work!
My name is Erin Michelle and I run STUDIO-BOUDOIR out of my home studio in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in classy, beautiful boudoir photography.

-I would love to visit Denver (someday soon I hope).  Colorado seems like an amazing place with lots of areas to visit and explore.


2) I love your work. LOVE it…which is why I look at it often. How did you get started in the photography business, and when?
Thank you! I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. But I started boudoir a little over a year ago. I read about it, thought “I can do this!” and gathered some girlfriends as guinea pigs. We rented a hotel room and I took their photos. It was SO much fun and the images came out so great that I was HOOKED!

IMG_0610 copy

3) When was the first magic moment that you knew you wanted to be a photographer?
I think I had a magic moment when I thought I COULD be a photographer. I’ve always loved photography and dreamed of doing it. But there was definitely a moment when I thought, maybe I can actually do this and make some money. I reached out to some friends of mine who had successful photography business and they were kind enough to share their knowledge with me.

4) When did you make it a full time thing?
I quit my part time job about 7 months ago and have been doing just photography ever since. Best decision ever!

5) And I have to ask, because it’s a question that people are asking themselves anyway, what do you shoot with and what is your favorite lens?I am a Canon girl! My favorite lens is my 50mm 1.4. For boudoir it is AWESOME!

6) Describe your style.
I am all about colorful, dramatic boudoir images. I love big, funky accessories, animal prints, rhinestones…anything gaudy! Though I love shooting softer, more vintage style photos as well, the trendier style is really my favorite.

7) Your subjects range from newborns and children to seniors to newlyweds and families… what is your favorite subject to photograph?
I do shoot regular photography as well, mainly weddings and engagements. But my heart lies with boudoir! Making women look and FEEL beautiful is the best feeling in the world.


8) What is something that you are still learning?
Oh, I am constantly learning! You can never think you know it all, especially in photography. I never want to pigeon-hole myself and say, I just shoot outdoors or I just use constant lighting. I want to constantly be learning and adding to my skills so I can offer whatever my customer wants. I try to go outside of my comfort zone a lot. Lighting is a world unto itself and I am constantly trying to push myself to learn more about it. I don’t ever want to be so comfortable in my shooting style that I stop trying new things.

9) What is the one thing that you LOVE, LOVE about what you do?
Getting feedback from the women I shoot about how their session made them feel. Boudoir is a unique type of photography because your client is really putting herself out there and trusting you! Hearing from past clients how amazing they felt after their shoot and seeing them display their images proudly on facebook just makes my day!!

10) I don't have a studio, so for someone who is looking to bulk up her studio creds, would equipment should I get first?
I have a home studio that is about 10x10’. At first I thought I couldn’t do it, but it has worked out perfectly. The first purchase I made was my studio light kit from Wolf Camera. They are Smith Victor KT500 500-Watt Thrifty Photoflood 2-light Kit. I use them in every shoot and they have been great. When I started making money, I slowly started adding different lights/ reflectors. Also, backdrops were so expensive when I first started, so I had to get creative. Some of my favorite backdrops are shower curtains I bought at Target!!

-I know! There is one backdrop in a recent set of photos that I love see it here.

11) When you have nothing scheduled, where are we most likely to find you?
With my husband and three daughters! Being a mom is my #1 job =)


12) As a photographer, I look to others, their work, their business model, who they seem to be as a person as viewed through their blogs or FB posts; if I look to you, who are YOU looking to?
Some amazing photographers that I look at daily are Ashley Maxwell (, Junichi Arakawa ( and Brian DeMint ( They are all different styles, but each one of them is a master at what they do!! For business, Sandi Krakowski ( This woman is a genius.

13) Coke or Pepsi?
-Girl after my own heart!

14) Knowing what you know now, what is something you would have done differently when you first started out?
When I first started out I was constantly bummed out when business didn’t come pouring in. It has taken me about a year to get my name out there and start gaining the client base I really wanted. I would say, be patient! Don’t settle. Your ideal clients will eventually come if you keep putting out your blog posts, contests, photos etc. Having no clients for a little while is better than having the wrong type of client on a regular basis!


15) Something that I would like to know is, if ever, at any point in your career, have you thought about quitting, or doubted yourself, or hit a wall and wondered how to get over it? If so, can you give a little background? How did you over come that hurdle?
Honestly, even when I hit a wall and was discouraged I never wanted to give up. I have a HUGE support system. My husband, parents and my makeup artist/ good friend Lindsay Ambrosio ( have supported me from minute one and they’re always there to encourage me!

16) Who are YOU, other than a photographer? 
Most of all, a wife and mother. I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful girls and a boy on the way (due in July!) Being a photographer is just icing on the cake!

17) I have a huge purse lover, do you have any fun or extraordinary talents or obsessions, that you’d like to share with us?
I LOVE the Muppets. Absolutely love them. Always have and always will =) Beaker is my favorite. Having kids is a great excuse for me to watch all my favorite Muppet movies!

-my girls (4 of them) have recently fallen in love with the Muppets too! I am busy sending Nana all over town locating different Muppets movies...I think we have like 5 of them now.  But MY personal favorite is Muppets Take Manhatten. I remember watching that one as a kid.

18) Looking back on all you have done to date, what has been your favorite moment as a photographer? Probably seeing my images from my very first boudoir shoot. I was so nervous, I worked so hard and when I saw that they looked on the computer screen how I had envisioned them in my mind was the best feeling. It gave me the confidence to keep going!

IMG_2865 copy

19) What has been your best marketing strategy?
Word of mouth and social marketing. I don’t spend money on advertising. But I am constantly reading up on and taking webinars about social marketing. I don’t just write up a blog post and put it out there. I research the best keywords to use, the best time to release the blog post etc. Facebook and Wordpress have been my biggest tools for getting my name out there. And referrals are HUGE. If I get a customer who is putting my name out there and saying how great I am it does NOT go unnoticed!

-I would love to get some of that info from you.  I am in the process of trying to do this as well.  I find it can be hard when you don't necessarily have access to the "market" that you want.  I would love to find out how you have been creative with your marketing strategies.

20). You and your camera, across time and space, where would you go and what would you photograph?
I’d love to travel more and dabble in scenic photography. Greece, Italy, New Zealand, the Caribbean…they would all be amazing!

21) What is the one piece of advice you could give that could be invaluable to someone starting out?
Photography is 20% being a good photographer and 80% business. If you don’t know how to price yourself properly and don’t have a marketing strategy, don’t say you’re in business. You need to sit down and think everything through so you aren’t going into debt or working for pennies with each shoot. Joining PPA has been invaluable to me. On the other hand, you do need to know your equipment!

Also, BE ORIGINAL! It’s great to have mentors whom you admire, but don’t copy! You’re only cutting yourself short and you won’t be in business very long!

22) Lastly, what is one word in the English dictionary that describes you?HAPPY =)

Where can people find you, like you, and love you just as I do?

website site:
eye color: Brown
Blood type: A+
and favorite food: Chicken fingers

Thanks Erin for sharing with me.  If any of you [readers] currently live in the Colorado area, or you have a chance to visit, check out Erin at Studio-Boudoir.  I bet she will make you feel pretty and beautiful and your photos will be amazing!  If you have already been to Studio-Boudoir, tell me about it here by leaving a comment on this blog or on the FB page.  It is great to virtually interview Erin and I hope to actually meet her very soon.

Maybe get in front of the camera myself for a session :D

my life...

21 May 2011
I want to make this blog, not only about the amazing people I am privledged to photograph, but about my family. my life.

Today, our family baked a pie (from scratch) for our church's Annual Pie Auction. This auction goes to help support the youth programs throughout the year and is the first time we actually made a pie to enter. And I need to find our ticket, or else the pie will be there but we won't!

Here are some of the pics from the process. Sraight of the camera. I don't want to get into the habit of editing every day photos.




The crust is made from crushed Do Si Do peanut butter cookies.  That's Girl Scout cookies peeps!

Chocolate for the filling.


I bet you didn't know I had an egg seperator.  I am actually a kitchen gadget junky~ Pampered Chef parties beware!


Stirring the chocolate mixtures so it went from this....






Whipping the mergengue to make it light and fluffy. This was actually the second batch. Let's just say the first wasn't light and fluffy...and while I tried to stay on the side lines, Momma had to step in to whip them into shape!




We made two pies. One to keep and try out at home (delish) and one for the auction.

We hope that all the pies bring in money for our churches youth. They need us. We need them~!

Jamie & Wayne | Disneyland Vintage Engagement-California!

19 May 2011
The first time around wasn't enough...I had to go back for more!

I love traveling to California, especially when I can go to Disneyland to photograph engagement sessions or weddings!  Like this engagement session at Disneyland Resort in California this past  May. The first time that I photographed Jamie & Wayne (here) we were a bit rushed and it was crowded. I am talking wall to wall people. This time? Still crowded. I was like, "aren't all these kids supposed to be in school?!" Who knows? But it did seem fairly packed for a random Wednesday in May.  But somehow it didn't matter all that much.  It was a wonderful day.  Visiting Disneyland and photographing an engagement session is always fun.

Last time, I was on vacation with my family and had to leave sooner than I wanted. This time? Traveled all alone and had all day to play. So I asked Jamie & Wayne if they would be willing to go back to Disneyland to finish the session.

Can I just say first off is that I love Jamie's smile. I know when she is having a great time because she wrinkles her nose. When I get a nose wrinkle, I know I've caught something magical.

Second, I love the way Jamie looks at Wayne. Be still my beating heart...this girls in love!



Love the Snow White Bridge in front the of Castle turned out to be a great place for private photos.  This next set of photos are some of my personal favorites from the day.  I think we captured the vintage feel that Jamie wanted to capture in both the engagement pics and at her wedding.  I can't wait for November!



Last time, we didn't get to have any time for Mickey's Toon Town, so we wanted to make sure we got back there for a little light hearted captures.


The instruction for was Wayne to dance with Jamie.  I was standing a few feet away and I made a twirling motion with my hand, to indicate "dance."  I don't know that Wayne was feeling me....




Who holds the lock on Wayne's heart?







After a few hours, the wedding party started to show up.  The guys were first!  This shot is particularly poignant because Wayne works at what ride you ask? Yep! Captain EO!  Wayne did you realize where I had set you up?

Josh "The Best Man" and Jesmond "The Second in Command",


I have the hardest time posing men.
I am not a man.
I am not particularly versed in the way men stand in relationship to other men. 
My instructions to a group of men typically are something like this... "Sit like a man sits" or "stand like a man stands."  Which usually brings a few smiles, because in all honesty, I want men to feel comfortable and like men when I am photographing them. 

This is what we got.  I like it :)




This set of pictures makes me smile.
All throughout the day, I was lugging my rolling camera bag around with me. So for this shot, I set it aside and walked a ways a way from it.
Did I tell you that Wayne works for Disney? Well, I got a lesson in how cast members are to respond to a bag left unattended and if the cast member couldn't get my attention, they would confiscate my bag and it would be difficult for me to get it back! First of all, I wasn't really concerned about cast members, I was concerned about someone walking off with it, so I made sure to keep it close.
Jason, no I mean Josh, no I mean, "The Best Man" was really helpful in keeping his hand on it for me.




The Girls:  Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister....maybe by the time of the wedding I will remember their names.  Middle Sister (KC) and Little Sister (Shelby) are actually Waynes biological sisters, but soon enough (maybe even now) these girls are tied together in love already.  Sisters in Love.  Big Sister (Cari) is actually Jamie's Big Sister, Maid of Honor, and standing on Jamie's left.





a fun shot! Check out the heels!


The wedding party.


I love these pictures of Jamie and Cari.  Being the only child, I am drawn towards the relationship of sister to sister.  Its fascinating to me.  I enjoy the interactions between two women who have shared parentage and history.  Being the mother of four daughters, I just hope they are close and loving like these two...






And that is it.  Until we meet again. November 5th! So excited!

But of course that's not it!
I would never leave out three of the most important girls in Jamie & Wayne's lives....Jamie's 3 nieces of course!


This is Nicole. I already love Nicole. Because Nicole is my middle name :)


One huge happy family...sisters in love...and friends in love! See you all in November!