My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: 365 Day Challenge. Day #3

29 June 2010
I am really going to try to this 365 photo a day challenge. I did day one. Missed day 2, and here is Day 3. Well, I will try to keep it up as much as I can.


Here is my Day #3.
28 shots later.
sweating bullets in the 111 HOT AZ sun.
Little sister wandering off constantly....
I think I got a keeper :)


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eyefull: contest

24 June 2010
Go, don't stop. GO to Simple and enter to win a new Epiphanie Camera bag. So cute. The brown Belle is on my list this year to buy!


eyefull:she's having a baby!

23 June 2010

Have Mercy, I can't believe how cute this turned out. OK, I have surprised myself (haha). Meet Steve and Jamie and their new baby (ssh!!! I know her name but you don't) soon to be born. Yes, Jamie let it slip (by accident) but I am sworn to secrecy and I just love it!! I seriously, love my job. I like that I get to capture moments in time, even little slip ups, and for a brief instant, I get to be in "their" world. I can't wait until (ssh!) is born...:)


I just love sister's face in this photo. During this session, her Mom and Dad were talking her up, chatting, trying to make her laugh...I swear! It sounded like another language. They tell me they were quoting "shrek" but seriously, I couldn't repeat one thing they said. But it worked! Sister was a happy girl this session.


A little bit happier in this photo don't you think?

This is our own Steve Smith, running for the Senate. On Friday, he is having a meet and greet at The Duke here in Maricopa. Go check him out. Here what he has to say.


eyefull: Looking for Senior Reps for 2010-2011

22 June 2010
***Hey there, do you know a soon-to-be high school Senior? I am looking for potential Sr. Reps for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year. If you know anyone, please have them contact me immediately*** Thanks so much!!

iheartfaces weekly challenge: Celebrating Teens

21 June 2010 is doing a weekly photo challenge Celebrating Teens. While I haven't done very many senior photo sessions, of the one (okay ONE) that I have done, this was my favorite of her.


Some background...this gal has some learning challenges and getting her through high school has been a major accomplishment not only for her but for her family. And for me to be a part of their celebration, was joy.

eyefull: family

15 June 2010

I was just sifting through some recent photo shoots and found this one. I didn't post it on during my orignal post, but I love it all the same.

eyefull: baby


Just one more of Baby Daniel (the III) before I close out his session and hand over the disk to his parents. What a sweet sweet baby. Can't wait to see him as he grows up and changes!

eyefull: newsletter update

14 June 2010
Is this work? Really? can't be.

Well, sometimes it is. I am "working" on the updating of this blog. What do you think? Still a work in progress, but heading in a positive direction.

I am now looking for a graphic artist who can help me design a logo for this blog, my website (which I hope to have soon) and business cards. Do you know anyone?

I am scheduling for JULY!! Its not too late and it may be hot, but we can certainly work it out. If you don't want to brave the July heat, then buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a session later in the year.

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Okay, now lastly, please please recommend my business to your family and friends. That is how I will grow. And as a speical to you, all recommendations that are completed, as a thank you to YOU you will get a free 11 x 16 photo. Its a win win!

eyefull: family

What a genuinely nice family....very warm and welcoming. I had a great time photographing their new baby. At already 6 weeks old, this was no easy feat, but we waited and stroked and waited and cuddled and waited...and finally able to capture some shots of this little Boy. Daniel III...I just love his big name!


One of my favorites from the session. Why? The look on Dad's face as he looks on to his wife, who looks on to the baby.

eyefull: Trash the Dress


More Trash Your Dress photos. I get so excited looking at these photos because I wonder what I can create with a bride and groom at their wedding. Plus weddings just bring about a sense of warmth and togetherness.

eyefull: Baby and Belly Props

12 June 2010
Looking for some great photoprops? Or if you aren't a photographer, just some neat ideas for your baby? Look no further. Baby and Belly Props have fringe hammocks and blankets, cocoons, hair accessories, maternity props, and baby slings. Baby and Belly props can be seen at or the blog can be viewed at

Check it out! great stuff.

eyefull: family

05 June 2010

So editing this photo, I am reminded that Daddy's and their children don't necessarily mean that its Daddy's with just young children. Rather, Daddy's [hopefully] grow their children to be men and these sons in this photo are definitely almost men. So to capture them in this masculine way is so nice. My instruction to... them was to sit on the rock in a natural way. I said, "sit like men sit" because I am not a man, I thought this instruction was pretty clear :) I didn't want to try and pose them. I told them sit like you are sitting with your family at an event enjoying each other, but look at me...(haha) Anyway, I am pleased with how this photo came out. Gotta love Daddy's with their children...

eyefull:model shoot

03 June 2010
I am a member of a photography group called PhotoGshop. We meet once per month to shoot photographs together and have dinner; though we are hoping to add an educational element to our meetings as well. Next month we plan on having an engaged couple model for our group.


Maria was so pretty. I loved the dress that she wore.