My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eye on Seniors: Madison P.

28 March 2011
logo1 Meet Madison P. from the graduating class of 2011. logo6It took us a few minutes and several phone calls to find one another, but when we did, it was instant friendship. As you can see, Madison is always full of smiles. She was willing to try anything with me and I appreciated that so much. logo7Madison is looking forward to attending Scottsdale Community College for her first two years of college and then hopes to become a teacher. Until then, she is wokring her heiny off to save money so she can move out in the Fall to her own place. No roommates for this girl, she wants to live alone! logo8 logo11DC Ranch is such a cool shopping center. Every building and store front has a different texture or color. This place is a treasure trove for photographers and works great for Senior photos. logo12 logo9 logo3 logo2 Congratulations Madison!

eyelets: Me and Tennis shoes part- the end

26 March 2011
Nary a few months ago, I was lamenting having to buy tennis shoes and why was I lamenting? Because, while at a health fair, I had my archs analyzed...they stand you on this machine and it analyzes how you carry your weight. And while I thought all the pretty red was good...uh, it was bad.

So last month I decided to make the plunge and I bought a pair of Nike's. It was really out of necessity, as my family was traveling to Disneyland for Spring Break. And while I would have loved to have been foot loose and fancy free, I knew that my feet could not take take two days of Disneyland and California Adventure and a third day of Lego Land, so I bought these! And because I couldn't decide on whether I wanted the black pair (pictured) or the white, silver and black pair, I got both :)

And by golly, a star was born!

Yes, I loved my tennis shoes and at the end of the day! Aaah! Sweet heaven, I would slip my shoes off and still want to walk some more.

I went from having no tennis shoes, to buying another two pairs of shoes! Yes, two!

Well, it was all very innocent! I went into Dillards because I wanted to see whatever there was to see in there (you know how it is) and they were having a sale on the Reebok Easy Tone. I figured if I have to wear tennis shoes, they may has well work for me as well (and get those legs and butt in shape as well) I got these babies. Yep, on sale!
They were actually cheaper than what Reebok listed as their sale price and they are called Inspire...I guess to Inspire me to wear them...but I digress...

Except mine are cuter...instead of the blue, they are pink...(ok, just trust me!)

and then I saw these! Super cute...Light weight (not on sale) but since I saved so much money from the first pair!

So now I think my tennis shoe needs have been filled.

My feet will be happy in whatever situation I find myself LOL!

Now on to a new purse for summer! :)


25 March 2011
I know! I've been posting a lot about contests these past days, but winner takes all! I am a huge purse fan, so camera bags watch out!

Check it out here.

Good luck!


24 March 2011
I entered this contest! Its fabulous!! Go check it out!! Kameio Photography!

eyefll: 6 month old

22 March 2011

I photographed Brynn briefly when she was just a few months old. That photo shoot was for Christmas. This one was all for Brynn. At 6 months old, this little lady has stolen hearts! I started out with this photo, well because it is stinkin cute, with the crossd eyes and the raspberry blowing.


At one point, she had had enough of me! LOL and this little toy was all that was keeping her happy. So, it had a photo shoot too.




Are you in love too? Hope to see Brynn very soon!

eyefull: {Vintage Engagement}

20 March 2011
l1 I was so excited to photograph Jamie & Wayne's engagement photos at [none other than] Disneyland...the happiest place on earth! Both Jamie & Wayne work there and wanted to take photos at a place where they spend a lot of their time, both professionally and personally.



l4 Gorgeous girl! Can't wait to photograph this vintage wedding in November!





These were "love notes" they wrote to one another...without showing the other, until the message was revealed in the photograph.


11 March 2011
I have to do this early becuase I am heading to the land of "Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust" and I won't be around on Monday.

Check out pet photographer Stephanie Riedel Photography ! I wish I had a pet, this would be great! Though, we are in the market for a bull dog! I guess I would then have to get up to Dixon, CA to have the photos taken. Hmmmm....

Lovein Boudoir photographers Studio-Boudior and Gretchen McFarland Photography! Awesome! I don't shoot this style and I am so glad that I don't...leavin it to the pros who know how to work the inner sex kitten.

eyefull: 2 to 1: Interrante

10 March 2011
Lets begin with a few details....
I was born in October...a cold month!!
OH wait, details about this wedding...OK, sorry (ahem!)

I have known Stephannie for a few years now. Our daughters have been in Girl Scouts together since they were in Kindergaren, but she is most known to our family as our community librarian. She gets us books when we need them...and being avid readers- we ALWAYS need them.

Anyway, Stephannie asked me to photograph her wedding and I was so honored. There are so many photographers many really good choices to choose from. It is a blessing to photograph someones special events and moments in time.

We got together and I was able to meet Joe (he's the groom) and he is a super cool guy. Watching these two together, made my heart smile.

logo1 The wedding day was perfect. It had threatened rain, but thank goodness none fell from the sky (that's Arizona for ya).

logo3 Gettting ready...moments before the ceremony is to begin.

logo8 Joe was flanked by his son, his soon to be step son, and a friend.

logo7 Here is Stephannie's best girl. Her daughter was the flower girl.






logo15 I think they both started crying the moment the ceremony began and didn't stop until after it was over.

logo16 Love this shot with the cross infront of them.

logo19 Exchanging vows.

logo10 This is the brides father. I am always amazed at how a parent, giving their daughter or son away, can then stand up in the ceremony and speak. I will be a complete mess I am sure!




After the ceremony, we moved to one of the parks in their neighborhood for a few family photos shots.



I just love love this shot of Stephannie. It smacks of a 1800 Southern lady. The love and contentment, dress, the shawl...just makes this a gorgeous photo.

logo26 Stephannie with one of her best girls.

with her other best girl....;)


logo27 Gangsta cool!
OK, maybe that's not the most "appropriate" term to use in a wedding, but that is what I think when I see Joe in this thread of photos. Super cool, with his best girl on his arm....LOVE THEM!

After the park, the reception began at their house. It was an intimate affair, family and friends coming and going, giving lots of love and laughter. (SMILE) thinking about it.





logo32 This idea was so super cool. I just want to do it for anyone who visits my house.
So, instead of having a "guest book" Stephannie opted for these guest rocks. Smooth stones, that guests could write their well wishes and love on. Such a great idea!

logo34 Like I said, family and friends pitching in wherever needed to help make this day memorable for Joe and Stephannie.

logo35 Yep, this is the father in law...making pasta!
Love his southern drawl. He's from West Texas :)


logo36 These litle duckies floating in the pool.





logoe What can you say....
boys will be boys...