My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyelets: me and tennis shoes

14 January 2011
You may not know this about me, but I have kind of large feet. They didn't start off large. In fact, before I started having children, they were average sized. Normal. But four children later...and one size bigger (ugh). For the most part, that doesn't bother me. You know, whatever, its fine. Feet [are typically] a good thing to have no matter what size they are.

But recently, I have been having problems with my feet. It could be a combination of a few things...age, wear and tear, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to sometimes wear tennis shoes (with some kind of arch support) as opposed to flat shoes, like flip flops every day. In the summer time, this is near impossible. I live in flip flops and sandles; its too hot to do anything else. But for the rest of the year, at least part of the time, tennis shoes need to grace these feet.


Remember, I have big feet. So to me, looking down to see my size xx encased in white leather is just not appealing. The other problem? The colors of tennis. While I don't want all white shoes, I don't want all black ones either. So I could get a combination of colors, but the color combinations for the shoes I am going to get are like white and neon green, or gray and hot pink (sigh)...

Haha! But its inevitable. So I will be purchasing, this weekend, a pair of Reebok Easy Tone.

I'm probably not getting this pair...because they are all white and all white with size xx = no good. But, they are pretty comfortable and wearing them around the store my mind was screaming, "Look at my big feet!" but my feet were saying, "aaaahhhhh, so nice."

That is until Summer hits...

or I need to wear a super cute outfit....

whichever comes first :)



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