My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.


30 September 2009
Not to be left is {Little Sister}!

1/100 f1.8 ISO200


{Baby Sister} is always available for photography shoots! Which is great! But she is not always cooperative. However, I was able to capture this cute picture of her.

I changed the look of the picture by cropping it off to the side.

She wanted nothing to do with this cute floral hat. So I had to get creative with her...

1/125 f5.6 ISO200
1/125 f4.0 ISO200

For the Love of Editing...

29 September 2009
These photos were taken with a point and shoot for Middle sisters 8th birthday. Younger sister had changed the settings on the camera, which is why you have that awful blue over exposed look to the photos. I wasn't sure what I could do with these when they were taken.

Until I got Photoshop CS3. Take a look at what editing can do to your photos!

It's still not great because the quality of the original isn't that great, but its better. I guess I better always have "the big gun" with me when taking photos.


14 September 2009

How cute is my friend {girl}? These came out very nice. I must say, I am quite pleased with them.

ISO 200

Baby Cakes

I was lucky enough to take Baby Z's photographs last week. His mother is a friend of mine and let me practice a little bit on him. He is so sweet. He was in a phenomenal mood and let me hold and cuddle him too!

Presets for a Purpose

11 September 2009

For you photography buffs out there who can support a good cause, meet Felicia. I am part of an online photography prop group called Prop Insanity. This group lists all things photo props and I love it because I get some good ideas. Check out this ...gals story and why she has made these preset actions for photographers. ALL proceeds go to support a project called The Littlest Heroes Project, a non-profit based organzation providng free photo sessions to the nations Littles Heroes.

and the Presets can be purchased at

mixing bowl

05 September 2009
My cousin reminded me of this photo from her sister's wedding several years ago. This was taken by holding my point and shoot out in front of our faces while we were waiting for dinner. This wedding was such a fun time for our family. This particular cousin tormented me to no end when we were younger, but we just love each other so much today. I liked the original, but it was over exposed. So now that I have photoshop, I could play with it a bit.

The Original Photo

Family Cakes

01 September 2009

Loved taking these photos! And the venue was great. This was my first family/group shot. While in some ways it was easier than babies {because the subjects moved when you said move, or smiled when you said smile} it presented its own challenges. Lighting was a little bit of an issue, with the sun going down-although it gave a really nice glowing color, it made the shadows looonnnggg. I think I need to remember to increase the ISO, that way pictures will remain sharp.

ISO 100