My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.


31 December 2009
a new decade.

What will this new year bring for eyefull photography? Hopefully a chance to improve my photography skills, learn some new techniques, meet some AWESOME and HELPFUL people in the industry, and of course, the most important, photograph YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES!

I am so thankful for all of you who helped boost my business this past fall. You have offered me encouragement and insight in ways that you do not know. It has been awesome getting to know your families as you let me into your life for a few hours to photograph you. I am so grateful that you trusted me enough to entrust your family memories with me. I have had the best time listening to the little things you say to each other during our time together. When I look at those pictures, I think back to what we were doing when it was captured...and I smile.

This new year, I pray that I can do the same. God has set a desire in my heart and has given me some raw skills in this area. God will move this business forward at a pace that is good for me, my family, and you.

I am currently taking bookings for January and beyond! I would love to photograph your family, your newborn, your one year old...your pregnancy, your engagement...just your everything! Contact me. Let's book a date and let's talk about the memories we can capture together.

My verse this year? Matthew 5:16, "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Who knows...maybe this year, I might actually get in front of the lens.

Love you and I MEAN it! :)

the orchard, just about out of leaves until Spring....

21 December 2009
My lovely orchard has just about dropped all of its leaves until Spring. There were a few sprigs of green here and there. Nonetheless, the trees are lovely, all full of crags and gnarly; old. We were able to capture these fabulous photos of this family!

love this photo...

This is one of my favorites from the session with this family.

Mom's face is so candid and open! I love it. If I ever am privileged enough to have a "studio" I will probably hang this one in the gallery!

an eyefull Merry Christmas!

16 December 2009

I just love these photos of baby girl. the tutu. the blanket. The Christmas tree in the background.

get an eyefull of the Estes!

So happy to shoot yet another family in the fabulous orchard. I also debuted a "new prop", and I think it was cute. Enjoy...

Here is the new prop! What do you think?

My favorite shot of the morning. It was "sisters" idea to recreate a photo she had of this same pose with her brothers a few years ago. It is definitely one of my favorites of the morning.

Always looking for details in my photos to bring to the foreground. I definitely love this photo of Mom and Dad's holding hands!

an eyefull of another family...

10 December 2009
K.C. has become a dear friend of mine here in Maricopa. It was my pleasure to photograph her family.

I was particularly happy to meet her husband. Just a few months ago, he became very sick and needed to be hospitalized. It took several days for the doctors to diagnose him and successfully treat his medical condition. Thankfully, it can be managed at home! This is probably one of my favorite pictures from this session.

OK, so this is the second time I have had the opportunity to photograph this little guy. Oh boy, he was not having me again! Is it me? My approach? Next time HE WILL SMILE...I think I need to work on photographing while standing on my head :)

an eyefull of the Rapp's...

06 December 2009
These two brothers belong to a dear friend of mine. They are such a hoot together and I just love this photo of them up in a tree...since THAT is where they usually are...up in a tree (in trouble) :)

Here is a photo of my dear friend Amanda. She is such a wonderful lady and my life has been BLESSED to have her in it. She loves God, she loves her family and she loves me. I can often hear her voice in my head, her exact words, when I am going through a situation or I need to make a decision. She makes me laugh and she is a shoulder to cry on. I love her.

All four of Amanda amazing kids.

Sheesh! I better find one of James (husband). He is a wonderful man as well.

This couple is one that would do anything for you if they could.

fill your eyes with this....

We needed to retake the Caballeros Family photos because last week, it was too windy. While some of them came out nicely, the family photos were just too wind blown. problem! So we took our session back to the original venue. It was relaxed. It was fun. Below is one of my favorite shots.

This nugget is hard to pin down. Not even for a second would she stand still. So we had to get creative! What do you think?

an eyefull this Winter....

04 December 2009

Hey! don't think that just because it is getting colder outside, that we can't take great family and individual photos! On contrare! We certainly can...we just might need to get creative! Maybe a drop of rain or two might make a nice photo element wouldn't you say? Also, this would be a great time to schedule newborn photos and maternity photos. Maybe you can't use it, but you might know someone who can- gift certificates are available. Priced just right, eyefull will be a wonderful experience for you and those you love.

get an eyefull of this Christmas photo...

02 December 2009

I just love red at Christmas time. The deeper, the better. This girls' mom made these headbands with these wonderful large flowers on them. I love them!!! I am hoping she will make one for my prop collection.

Facebook | eyeFull Photography

01 December 2009
Facebook | eyeFull Photography

some thoughts

I am just sitting here editing some photos from this past weekend...cracking up and thanking God that I have this opportunity to practice an art I have wanted to practice for a long time now. I am so excited and I have such peace about moving forward with this. No matter where it takes me, or if I am "successful" by how the world judges "success" I am grateful. These families are putting their moments in my hands and expecting me to catch them when they are being serious and formal and when they are being silly. I hope I am able to do that again and again.

I pray before every session that God would just give me an eye for what I need to see and what I need to photograph. I pray for the families that I am able to capture that they would have a great time with me as well. I will never stop doing this.

an eyefull of families this weekend!

29 November 2009
I just love both of these women and their families. These two mothers have been good friends to me and I have been so blessed to have met them and knwo them.

I met Shauna through a friend of mine who knew her cousin and thought that we should meet because Shauna and her family were relocating to Maricopa. What a wonderful blessing she has been and I am so happy to know her husband and her sons. Just a really neat family. They love God, they love each other, and they love others.

I met Myriam through COC Moms women's group. She is so sweet. She has such a wonderful spirit. I had the chance to meet her wonderful husband and her three children today.

WHEW! We had to relocate at the last minute because of a dust storm and they took it all in stride. We were able to snap off some beautiful pictures of the family with one of Maricopa's parks as a backdrop. I can't wait to get to know them even better in the future.

get an eyefull of this....

28 November 2009

Catch an eyefull of this little guy! So cute. I was very happy to meet baby, his siblings, his mother, and his grandmother. He almost makes me want to have another one...almost :)

one of my favorites. I love the hands all over this little one...

get an eyefull of George....

24 November 2009
George is one of the first people we met when we started attending COC in Maricopa. He is warm, friendly, open, and he loves God...therefore, he loves people! How fun it was to do this session with him. I asked him to bring a fedora with him. He said, "I don't think I have one, but I will look..." He found one! And doesn't he look great?!

an eyefull of this family....

22 November 2009
This family is one of my favorites here in Maricopa. They are so sweet, so supportive. Mom used to baby sit my #3 and I wouldn't have anyone else do it other than her.

I am so thankful to have families like this one in my life!

eyefull Info!

19 November 2009
What will this cost and why eyefull Photography?

An eyefull Photoshoot cost is $120.
(an additional fee of $10 per person will be assessed for the session over four people).

Book any two eyefull photoshoots for $190
(for example: maternity/newborn; newborn/6 months)

eyefull Wedding photo sessions start at $550 and up depending on size of wedding and venue.

Eyefull engagement session cost is $120.
(schedule an engagement and wedding for a 30% discount off the total)!

an eyefull of possibilities!

18 November 2009
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The Only limitations is our imagination. With good light and a decent background, photographs can be taken just about anywhere! Let's imagine together and make it happen!

an eyefull of A Natural Beauty

12 November 2009

I met this nugget and her mother at play group several months ago. I have wanted to get her in front of my lens ever since i met her. She is so sweet. Her parents said that they always have a hard time getting her to cooperate for photos. Well, she made me work for them today for sure! But that's okay. Sometimes the beauty is in the natural look...

Another photo with just Mom. She just looks so classic in this shot. I wished I had some gloves and a small train case for her. I told her she belonged in a different era in these shots. So pretty.

an eyefull of All Boy!

07 November 2009
Oh goodness did I get to photograph Jack on his first birthday! I was able to meet Jack, his parents, his maternal grandparents, his paternal grandparents and even his paternal great grandmother! What a blessing for this guy to have all of these warm and wonderful people around him to celebrate his first year!

Happy Birthday Jack!

More Texturizing!

03 November 2009
A new internet friend, Stacy Dewitt of The Love Shack blog
saw my picture of the girls and edited it for me. She wrote, "Hi!

I just loved your photo. It was already beautiful. I just edited it for fun to see if I could enhance the colors without changing the integrity of the photo. I hope you don't mind. I am always trying to learn new techniques. I used Florabella milk chocolate overlay in soft light.
It's attached.

With love,

I love her edit! I just figured out, today, how to use textures (hence my post New Textures!) and I hope to get better and better and using these on my photos to enhance them!

Original, with just a few actions run on it.

Hers is so much better! Thanks Stacy!

New Textures!

Thanks to Flikr I just discovered how to use textures on pictures and now I want to texturize everything!

This is the original.

I wanted to retexturize {serious girl} to see how they would work on faces. I don't think they came out half bad.

This is the original.

Here is a picture of my friends twins sitting on the beach. I didn't take this picture, but added a little something to it to give it some pop.

The original.

Looking forward...

02 November 2009
I am looking forward to the holiday season. But, in all reality, I am actually surprised it is already here! Didn't I just take down Christmas lights last week?!

I will be busy for a few weeks, busy for me, is having scheduled, on the books, sessions (YAY!). Almost every weekend up until a week or so before Christmas, I will have a session, for that I am most thankful.

This next year, I hope to buy a new camera (yay!) because, of course I have one in mind (Canon 5D probably) and I want to update this website to a real photography site with all the pertinent information you will need. I pray that next year, this little business finds its niche here in Maricopa and that I continue to meet wonderful people and produce beautiful photos.

#'s 1-4

26 October 2009
OK, so we had the bright idea to go out to a local pecan grove for pictures. It WAS a good idea, until we actually got there! Mosquitos everywhere! Like aggressive, dive bombing mosquitos! (I think I might have malaria)! The girls and I were out there for about ten seconds before we hightailed it back to the safety of the car.

Thankfully, my friend knew to bring out some mosquito repellant. I managed to snap off a few photos, she got a few more, so I am anxious to see what she was able to capture.

I am hoping that the mosquitos will have gone dormant by November because I would like to go back out there. But, unfortunately, I don't think my girls will be interested in going back any time soon.

However, I will take repellant, long sleeves, and a hat. I suggest you do the same!