My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

Kristen & David in Casa Grande, AZ - Arizona | California | and anywhere else my camera takes me!

28 April 2011
Here's how it happened.
I am sitting at my desk and I notice that there is a message on my cell phone. Now, I don't always pick up my messages right away, so who knows how long that has been sitting in my "in box." I listen. Its from Chef Michael and his daughter is getting married on Sunday. Who is Chef Michael you wonder? Well, he is the owner of a restaurant in Casa Grande called Big House Cafe. Apparently, its quite an iconic establishment in Casa Grande. Their photographer bailed out on them and my friend Rosemary from Desert Rose Images has referred him to me. His question? Am I available on Easter Sunday to photograph a wedding?

Well! YES! Yes I am! I love weddings.

And that is how I happen to be photographing a wedding on Easter Sunday.

Meet Kristen.  The Bride....isn't she beautiful? On the happiest day of her life, still planning details of the day and getting ready.  All smiles! She knows she is marrying her best friend!


I found this red chair in the cafe and just fell in love with it.  You will find it showing up in various pictures all afternoon! 

I met David literally minutes before we took some of these pre wedding shots.  He is a great man.  Very easy going and kind of like "yea, okay, let's do it."  Again, he knew that he was marrying his best friend so everything else was just easy.

Standing with David were his older brother, younger brother and best friend.  These guys were really a lot of fun too.


Her best girls.




A great example of "you don't exactly know what you have until you get it out of the camera and take a look." Oh, and THIS is Chef Michael (Father of the Bride). Oh and yes, I do love the 70-200 f2.8...I think I will keep it.


a few ceremony shots.




Love love this shot. 
Look at his face!
Can you stand it? I can't....oh the love magical.




Here's Kristen again.  Smiles everyone smiles.





a few ring details.

and of course the cake!

The first dance photos were just magical.


Thank you to Rosemary for the referral.
Chef Michael for the phone call.
Kristen and David for the experience! Congratulations you two!

eyefull: Bradstream Family

20 April 2011
Beautiful family...

made by this beautiful couple...

which made these beautiful kids...




Nope, don't change your are seeing two beautiful twin sisters...



and even after making these six beautiful kids...
The couple? Still beautiful.

and in love.
Isn't it awesome?!



19 April 2011
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17 April 2011
Well, its been a busy few weeks.
Not anything in particular.
Just busy.
For one, I can't find the computer cord to our little point and shoot from Olympus and I have been looking all over for another one.  Thanks to Olympus, you can only get the chord FROM Olympus...hmmm, I see that this might be a marketing ploy.
But, locked in statis ON that camera are all of our Disneyland Spring Break pictures and videos.  So I will have to break down and purchase a new one from Olymps, though I may try ebay first.

Second, we have been working on trying to launch the website for the business.  Finally launched here so go and check it out! My dear husband worked very hard on getting this ready for me.

Third, well, just busy with life.  The end of the school year is proving to be more busy than ever.  My question...why can't teachers just put all of the important, MUST DO projects at the beginning of the year? Maybe even the middle? But at this point in the school year, I really don't have the energy or the cares to do a science fair project, a project on ancient greece, and a book report complete with a tri-fold poster board! Really? And to make it 100% of the grade is just killer...

Anyhow, here are a few photos from our Disneyland trip, but this portion of the trip I took with my big girl camera and that is why they are here on this blog and NOT stuck in the camera still.












Have a nice day!

eyes on!

12 April 2011
logo12 You may rememer this family. Remember this and this? Well, thankfully this family didn't think I was too weird and asked me to photograph their family again, but this time with Mom's brother and his family as well. logo8 Seriously? This is the most laughingest family I know. They are always making jokes, laughing and loving each other. It makes for a great session when all I have to do is stand there and they crack themselves up [without me]. logo11 logo9 logo6 You may be asking yourself, "What is this?" Well "this" is Dad acting as my assistant. The sun is so bright out here in Arizona. Whether you shoot at the beginning of the day or the end of the day (like we did) sometimes it is just too bright and warm looking. And on this particular day, my stand wasn't going to stay upright (it was also blustery...the joys of living in the desert). Anyhow, Dad held my diffuser so that I could capture some soft photos of the rest of the group. Thanks Brad! logo7 Here he is again, holding the diffuser, but this time he is trying to get sister to laugh. I don't know about her, but I was sure laughing.... logo2 And finally, the reason why we came together. To take some shots of mom's brother and his family. Unfortunately, little sister came down with a nasty virus the next day, but we were able to capture a few of them all together. In sisters defence, they had only just arrived the day before (from the midwest) AND she was already feeling poorly. But thankfully, she was able to see a doctor here and felt better for the remainder of her visit with her aunt. logo3 logo4 logo5 logo10 This family is truly a fun one to hang out with. Thanks for coming back for more. Next time I want to go to Key West with your favorite photog some love!