My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

04 April 2011
logo1 This beautiful Mommy is the youngest of 4 sisters of one of my most favorite families that I have met since moving to Arizona. In fact, one of her older sisters, I consider one of my dear friends. So, of course I was thrilled to photograph Bobbi and her two best boys one beautiful afternoon here in Arizona. logo2 Little brother is so stinkin' cute isn't he? logo3 Mom told big brother that he didn't have to smile during his photo ops. He looks so super cool (and I think I did get him to smile for a few pictures!) logo5 It was fun giving little brother prompts and cues...I would whisper in his ear and off he would go. Its great fun working with 4 year olds! logo6 Big brother tried to play it cool, but I think he secretly enjoyed this opportunity with his mom and brother! Or, at least, I like to tell myself that (haha!)logo7 logo8 logo9 logo12 logo11 logo10 logo4 Beautiful day. Beautiful light. Beautiful family!

logo13 And boys wouldn't be boys without wrestling in the grass!


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