My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: 6 months

31 July 2010

eyefull: Bright Hope for Tomorrow

27 July 2010

Meet Alexis.
She is 9 years old.
She was in Brownies with my daughter.
They went to school together.
Her mother was my daughters second grade teacher...
Until a few years ago when Alexis was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then, she has been battling this disease.
Two steps step back.
This is on of my favorite photos. I title it "Bright Hope for Tomorrow" Because she does have a bright hope for tomorrow....

logo3 Another favorite of mine. I love the scale of this photo.

logo4 Something about photographing eyelashes and then dropping them in black and white...

Pray for my friend and her family. They still have a road ahead of them.

eyefull: new Logo

23 July 2010
new logo

Logo desgined by Heather Tyler.
SisterWisdom Design is me! :)

I just realized that because I am IN the photo, that I couldn't have TAKEN it :) This photo was taken by Stella Crowl of Style Image Studios. But I used it because it shows off the super cool logo so well.

eyefull: Junkyard Shoot

17 July 2010

Last weekend I was invited by Style Image Studios and Rude Boy/Rude Girl Clothing to photograph a clothing line at a local junkyard. There were four photographers and seven models! It was an absolute blast. I never think that I am really up for the challenge of model shoots, but I always find that I have an absolute blast. It helps that the models were great and the clothing line owners were present and available for input and creativity. Loved it! Hope to do more in the future.


13 July 2010

So this is my daughter Sister #1. #1 recently turned 11 and I wanted to do a photo shoot with her. Literally, I was like, "Okay #1, let's go take some photos out by the train tracks and why don't we bring out that cake too?" It was unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unplanned. As you can see, even her hair wasn't combed (oops). But I love these photos!

In this first one, we caught a train zooming by.


Just a fun cute one in front of this old town building in our "towns" downtown area.

Sister #2 wanted to get in on the photo fun too. Love this one. Candid!

I asked #1 to balance the cake on her face.
logo1under the water tower near the tracks.

Again, just a fun unscripted, unplanned shoot in celebration of #1's birthday.

eyefull: maternity


I was introducted to this Mommy to be through a mutual friend. I enjoyed spending time with her family, particularly her three boys. I was delighted to hear that this baby will be a girl. The entire family was a joy to work with.


Isn't she a beautiful Momma? I can't wait to photograph that baby!

eyefull: family


On the original day of the photo shoot, it was so was flying all over the place. It was crazy. So I was happy to retake these photos for my friends. I think these came out wonderfully. No wind. And we could hide behind the stone tower to avoid the sun.


Of course, I couldn't not post a photo of a Daddy with his children.


Here is a blog board I made for this family with photos of all four children.

eyefull: family

07 July 2010

I am working on editing these photos.
and grinning ear to ear.
I just can't help it.
Their affection is contagious!

eyefull: vow renewal

06 July 2010

Can you stop smiling when you see these photos? I couldn't. THEY certainly couldn't. Fifteen years and still in love like Day 1. Just wouldn't not stop cute.