My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyefull: training

26 August 2010
I have been involved in a webinar at (here's the link ) the past day or so. Its a five day seminar hosted by the fabulous wedding photographer Jasmine Star She is talking all things wedding photography and it is awesome. Yesterday, we learned about equipment, second shooting, and getting your business started. Today, we will "walk" through the wedding venue (did I mention that this 5 day course will end in an actual wedding ceremony?). It is getting me so excited to start shooting weddings...but I need your help. If you know anyone (and I do mean anyone) who is engaged to be married, please please, send them my photography info. I will offer them a fabulous package and it will help me get started in a direction that I would like my photography to head. Thanks so much! I couldn't do this without you. MUAH!

eyefull: newsletter update

24 August 2010
Hey to everyone!

I hope you are having (or had, if school has already started) a wonderful summer. While I look forward to getting back into a schedule (in theory) in practice, its hard! I am already exhausted and its only been a week since school started.

I wanted to let you in on a few updates.

* I am still looking to photograph weddings. If you know anyone, please send them my way for a consultation. I am also offering a discount to the first three brides to be if they purchase a full wedding service. And for you? (for the referral) you will receive a $25 credit toward a photo session of your own. These can be redeemed at any time.

*Christmas is on its way! If you are interested in family photos for christmas cards, please contact me. I am also looking into photo card templates, if you want me to design a photo card for you. Additionally, I have a wonderful friend, Jamie Smith, who also designs invitations, cards etc...of any kind.

*Do you know any upcoming high school graduates? I would like two or three senior representatives for Senior Portraits. The Seniors photo session will be FREE as will all the materials that I would like to give them to hand out (including Sr. cards with your Seniors contact information on them). So send them my way. Would love to work with them and capture their photos.

*Check out Its a free photographers networking site and one of my photos was chosen as a featured photo this month. What a surprise. You can see the photo on my blogspot or go to their website. It was a photo I took of Eden on her 11th birthday. Completely silly, but a lot of fun. She was happy that it was her photo too.

Thank you for all of your referrals and support. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

eyefull: i heart faces!

I rec'd an email last night that one of my photos had been chosen as a feature photo on this photographers networking site I frequently stomp around in. I love this site because everyone is always is so helpful and the site itself gives great tips, tricks and photographing techniques that I can incorporate into my business. Go check it out at Its a FREE site and it for all levels of photographer. This is the photo that was chosen:


This was a fun photo taken on my daughters birthday. Silly photo. Silly edit. But a lot of fun.

eyefull: baby

Rememeber that Momma I have been photographing (maternity and birth)? Well, here is a quick snap of baby Brysen at one week old.


eyefull: a new day

logo8 My friend Kristi vowed "a new day' at the beginning of the year. She lost 50 lbs and started running marathons and tri-athalons...all with a husband and two small children. I am so proud of her accomplishments and amazed at what she has done. My idea of fun? watching the triathalon from a coffee shop window (ok, I can sit outside...but you know what I mean)! Congratulations Kristi.

logo4 She'd had this vision of running through a that's what we did. Found a field (and she ran through it). It was actually quite neat...there were lots of butterflies in this field and some wild weed with purple flowers.

logo2 I like this photo because it captures our beautiful town mountain in the background. Yes our town has a mountain...the M mountain (M for Maricopa).

logo5 Another favorite.

This is a fun photo because it just screams freedom and joy.

eyefull: Birth

11 August 2010
logo5 Oh man.
Labor! So much to bring a baby into the world. So much to take care of them once they are here.
So blessed that you can have a child.
Thanks to the Decanter Family for letting me peek into this special moment for them!

Waiting in between the "work" to push the baby into the world. Momma was a trooper. She pushed [maybe] a total of twenty minutes.

logo2 Oh, little brother. Only minutes old...wondering what in the world just happened!

logo6 So blessed, blessed, give birth to a healthy baby. Not everyone is so lucky.
Don't you just want to kiss those lips? I had a hard time holding back.
I suppose Mom should get the first kiss :)

logo3 Mommy gets to hold him for the first time.

and Daddy too.
Love the Daddy's with their babies.

eyefull: First Day of School

2 First day of Preschool for my daugther #3! With a mom as a photographer, nothing is easy and it all started with the dress. I "eyed" this dress about a week ago, when I was shopping with the girls and my husband. But of course, I buying it [with him there] probably wasn't going to happen. So I waited. The next time I went to Target (about a week later) they had two left, one in XS and on sale, so I snapped this baby up quick! And its just perfect on her.

3 We were a little bit early for the first day, so we had to wait. Selah knows exactly what to do in front of the camera.

4 Love this photo of her peeking through the front door.

5 I told her that we still had some time to wait, but she must have seen Ms. Andrea coming to unlock the door for the students.

Its always a good thing to be on time and prompt!

eyefull: maternity

05 August 2010
Here are some photos of my friend and fellow photographer Terri Decanter of Terri Decanter Photography. Along with another photographer friend and mentor, Stella of Style Image Studios, we were able to capture some photos of this beautiful momma to be. These photos were captured in the court yard of a restaurant called Eva's Mexican, located in Casa Grande, CA.


A beautiful Mommy of three boys, soon to be expecting her 4th son. Can't wait to meet him

The reason I like this photo...the smile. Just a genuine capture in between shots.
logo8 I
I was trying to be creative in this shot. In order to capture it, I had to lay down on the ground (yes, this is Arizona and it was hot) before I burned my skin off, I was able to capture this quick beauty.

Another attempt at creativity. I loved how Terri's reflection was caught in the glass doors in the courtyard.
logo6 So pretty and soft.

logo5 A little more serious and intense don't you think?

One of my most favorite captures of the session. Love love this photo.

eyefull: baby

04 August 2010

How happy I am to capture this little man at 6 months! I have been blessed to photograph him as a newborn, a 3 month old and now a six month old. I get all the pleasure of watching him grow up without having to grow him up (if you know what I mean)!

One of my favorite shots from this session.

eyefull: maternity

Meet this beautiful Momma to be. These photos were taken at her baby shower. Just some quick captures of her celebration day.

She is also a photographer but says that she doesn't like photos of her where she is looking directly into the camera. But I think she looks beautiful looking directly at or away. Pregnancy just makes me all giddy inside!

This will be Mommy's FOURTH son.
Why I am laughing?
I have FOUR girls (I think the bigger joke is on me)!
Can't wait to meet this little man.