My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

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26 October 2009
OK, so we had the bright idea to go out to a local pecan grove for pictures. It WAS a good idea, until we actually got there! Mosquitos everywhere! Like aggressive, dive bombing mosquitos! (I think I might have malaria)! The girls and I were out there for about ten seconds before we hightailed it back to the safety of the car.

Thankfully, my friend knew to bring out some mosquito repellant. I managed to snap off a few photos, she got a few more, so I am anxious to see what she was able to capture.

I am hoping that the mosquitos will have gone dormant by November because I would like to go back out there. But, unfortunately, I don't think my girls will be interested in going back any time soon.

However, I will take repellant, long sleeves, and a hat. I suggest you do the same!


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