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eyelets: Me and Tennis shoes part- the end

26 March 2011
Nary a few months ago, I was lamenting having to buy tennis shoes and why was I lamenting? Because, while at a health fair, I had my archs analyzed...they stand you on this machine and it analyzes how you carry your weight. And while I thought all the pretty red was good...uh, it was bad.

So last month I decided to make the plunge and I bought a pair of Nike's. It was really out of necessity, as my family was traveling to Disneyland for Spring Break. And while I would have loved to have been foot loose and fancy free, I knew that my feet could not take take two days of Disneyland and California Adventure and a third day of Lego Land, so I bought these! And because I couldn't decide on whether I wanted the black pair (pictured) or the white, silver and black pair, I got both :)

And by golly, a star was born!

Yes, I loved my tennis shoes and at the end of the day! Aaah! Sweet heaven, I would slip my shoes off and still want to walk some more.

I went from having no tennis shoes, to buying another two pairs of shoes! Yes, two!

Well, it was all very innocent! I went into Dillards because I wanted to see whatever there was to see in there (you know how it is) and they were having a sale on the Reebok Easy Tone. I figured if I have to wear tennis shoes, they may has well work for me as well (and get those legs and butt in shape as well) I got these babies. Yep, on sale!
They were actually cheaper than what Reebok listed as their sale price and they are called Inspire...I guess to Inspire me to wear them...but I digress...

Except mine are cuter...instead of the blue, they are pink...(ok, just trust me!)

and then I saw these! Super cute...Light weight (not on sale) but since I saved so much money from the first pair!

So now I think my tennis shoe needs have been filled.

My feet will be happy in whatever situation I find myself LOL!

Now on to a new purse for summer! :)


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