My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

Jamie & Wayne | Disneyland Vintage Engagement-California!

19 May 2011
The first time around wasn't enough...I had to go back for more!

I love traveling to California, especially when I can go to Disneyland to photograph engagement sessions or weddings!  Like this engagement session at Disneyland Resort in California this past  May. The first time that I photographed Jamie & Wayne (here) we were a bit rushed and it was crowded. I am talking wall to wall people. This time? Still crowded. I was like, "aren't all these kids supposed to be in school?!" Who knows? But it did seem fairly packed for a random Wednesday in May.  But somehow it didn't matter all that much.  It was a wonderful day.  Visiting Disneyland and photographing an engagement session is always fun.

Last time, I was on vacation with my family and had to leave sooner than I wanted. This time? Traveled all alone and had all day to play. So I asked Jamie & Wayne if they would be willing to go back to Disneyland to finish the session.

Can I just say first off is that I love Jamie's smile. I know when she is having a great time because she wrinkles her nose. When I get a nose wrinkle, I know I've caught something magical.

Second, I love the way Jamie looks at Wayne. Be still my beating heart...this girls in love!



Love the Snow White Bridge in front the of Castle turned out to be a great place for private photos.  This next set of photos are some of my personal favorites from the day.  I think we captured the vintage feel that Jamie wanted to capture in both the engagement pics and at her wedding.  I can't wait for November!



Last time, we didn't get to have any time for Mickey's Toon Town, so we wanted to make sure we got back there for a little light hearted captures.


The instruction for was Wayne to dance with Jamie.  I was standing a few feet away and I made a twirling motion with my hand, to indicate "dance."  I don't know that Wayne was feeling me....




Who holds the lock on Wayne's heart?







After a few hours, the wedding party started to show up.  The guys were first!  This shot is particularly poignant because Wayne works at what ride you ask? Yep! Captain EO!  Wayne did you realize where I had set you up?

Josh "The Best Man" and Jesmond "The Second in Command",


I have the hardest time posing men.
I am not a man.
I am not particularly versed in the way men stand in relationship to other men. 
My instructions to a group of men typically are something like this... "Sit like a man sits" or "stand like a man stands."  Which usually brings a few smiles, because in all honesty, I want men to feel comfortable and like men when I am photographing them. 

This is what we got.  I like it :)




This set of pictures makes me smile.
All throughout the day, I was lugging my rolling camera bag around with me. So for this shot, I set it aside and walked a ways a way from it.
Did I tell you that Wayne works for Disney? Well, I got a lesson in how cast members are to respond to a bag left unattended and if the cast member couldn't get my attention, they would confiscate my bag and it would be difficult for me to get it back! First of all, I wasn't really concerned about cast members, I was concerned about someone walking off with it, so I made sure to keep it close.
Jason, no I mean Josh, no I mean, "The Best Man" was really helpful in keeping his hand on it for me.




The Girls:  Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister....maybe by the time of the wedding I will remember their names.  Middle Sister (KC) and Little Sister (Shelby) are actually Waynes biological sisters, but soon enough (maybe even now) these girls are tied together in love already.  Sisters in Love.  Big Sister (Cari) is actually Jamie's Big Sister, Maid of Honor, and standing on Jamie's left.





a fun shot! Check out the heels!


The wedding party.


I love these pictures of Jamie and Cari.  Being the only child, I am drawn towards the relationship of sister to sister.  Its fascinating to me.  I enjoy the interactions between two women who have shared parentage and history.  Being the mother of four daughters, I just hope they are close and loving like these two...






And that is it.  Until we meet again. November 5th! So excited!

But of course that's not it!
I would never leave out three of the most important girls in Jamie & Wayne's lives....Jamie's 3 nieces of course!


This is Nicole. I already love Nicole. Because Nicole is my middle name :)


One huge happy family...sisters in love...and friends in love! See you all in November!


Daun Slauson said...

these are great Dawniele... you always do such a great job... and of course, I love the people in the pictures too!!

get an eyefull of this... said...

Haha! I am loving them too. Great to hear from you Daun. When you need me to fly to Autstralia (for yours) just let me know ;)

Anonymous said...

my heart overflows! These are amazing Dawnielle!!

get an eyefull of this... said...

Thank you Liz. I am glad you are liking them~!

Erin Michelle said...

Lovely! I love the "man" shots too ;)

get an eyefull of this... said...

haha Erin! Thanks! Its true though, I need to study how men "relate" to each other a bit more closely :D

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