My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyelets: a Interview....with myself! (yep, I interviewed myself!) LOL

03 May 2011
How did you get started in photography?  I was known as the family photo historian growing up. Not only did I photograph every event, I also scrapbooked them, like with albums and paper and scissors! While I don't scrapbook anymore, I still photograph!  12 years ago, we had our photos taken by a mom tog and I was hooked.  I bought myself a SLR (film of course) and started photographing.  Not for business. Just for fun.  My kids. My friends kid.  The kids of my friends friends.  When we moved, I saw an opportunity to possibly start a small home business.  My husband agreed and eyefull photography was started.  It has been abotu two years and I am still growing, learning, and enjoying what I do.

Do you have beautiful photos you’ve taken displayed all across your home? No....I take a bunch of my family and then I get distracted and I forget to hang them. Plus, this house has almost non existent wall space and so where do I put them? The bathroom? The pantry? I probably could, couldn't I?

Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique? My inspiration comes with those that I photograph. I love the people I work with. I have said before that I "fall in love" with them, particularly when I am editing. I am looking at their images so long, that I start to see the beauty where I previously wouldn't have even looked. I tell my clients, "You know...your husband is quite handsome..." and they just smile, because they know that I have been editing their photos and staring at their faces for so long.  Its all in good fun.

Whose work inspires you? There are so many that I admire! Its hard to pick just one. Some of the indy's I like...Damaris Mia,from California is amazing!  Studio Boudoir -If I had any guts at all, I would fly out to Denver and have Studio Boudoir photograph me...but alas, I have NONE!  But I am tempted.  I know they would rock it~. Chelsy Cardin, and I love love Arden Prucha out of Texas (I wish she would hold some classes or something! I would be there in a hot second!). One of my friends from my high school summer camp days has a business in Kansas, Ali Mocabee and another from my college days Robert Bell out of Riverside, CA have been so instrumental in helping me across the miles.  Giving tips and support.  Style Image Studios has also been very encouraging to me when I got started.  I love when photographers can help photographers! Truly my FB wall is full of remarkable photographers.

Do you have your camera with you wherever you go? No, but I need to carry just my point and shoot I think. I have my camera phone but it takes me like 10 minutes to figure it out and the moment has passed.  Funny how I can use my Canon easily and I can't figure out where the button is on my camera phone to take the picture.

A favorite quote to share? Sometimes I think Americans must have invented the exclamation mark-its in their state of mind." Monika Kochhar....Isn't that just wonderful? 

How about a “most stressful” photography moment? My most stress photography moment occurs in the car heading to the venue.  I start to freak a bit, praying that I remember everything I need to remember and I can keep my part of the wedding moving, and capture the best images I possibly can....and hopefully the couple will fill comfortable with me...and and and....but the minute I step out of the car, I know I was born to do this and I feel completely at ease. When I am shooting, I am calm, cool and collected

...I want my clients to be the center of my attention.

Do you have any major likes?  I majorly like purses.  I think its a fetish.  I also majorly like chocolate, coke and bacon...not necessarily in that order and possibly not exclusively :)

Is there anything else you want to say? Well, no, not at the moment.  But if you have any questions...just ask!

Thanks for reading this.  I hope you have learned a little bit more about me.


Damaris Mia said...

Um, hi! :) Just read your post and am so honored to have been mentioned on your blog! You rock, Dawniele!

P.S. I too majorly like (LOVE) bacon. YUMMM!!!

get an eyefull of this... said...

Damaris, not only do I love your name (remember I have a daughter named Damaris) but your photography is so it. Thanks for leaving a message.

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