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It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyelet: ye old feet

14 October 2010
foot scan

• So at the Health Fair today, Yes, it is my birthday today, but I still had to work. Anyhoo, I did this thing with a chiropractor, where he scans your feet to see how you stand and then you get a print out.

So I look at Eden's (daughter #1) scan and she has nice young, 11 year old balanced feet.
I get mine.
And its all red along the curve of my foot (outside part)...the right foot has more red than the left one (which has more yellow). So I am like, "Dang those are nice feet girl." Thinking that the red curve was a good thing.

I hand it to the chiro.

Apparently, the red in the middle isn't supposed to be there. Balanced is a kidney shape at the ball of your feet and a circle at the heel, with no red in between.... Needless to say, my right side is carrying more burden than my left (uh, maybe because I have a "hip ornament" that I carry on my left hip always) and I am also putting too much pressure on the outside of my feet (well, we can thank giving birth to FOUR children for that as well)....AND if I don't correct it, I will be one of those poor elderly stooped over people...

Did I also mention that my feet hurt NOW?!

DARN those flip flops!

Darn those children!

IM 39 today! I want to hear young news not old body news!!

So when I get home, I show Alex my foot scan and I explain to him that the chiro says that I need to get new shoes and that several of them need to be custom made ;)


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