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It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

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05 October 2010
I think my body is falling apart! I am "this shy" of 39 and I swear all of a sudden I feel middle aged! How did this happen? I can remember running off to summer camp every summer, college, getting married....I remember when my big babies were little babies, but now the big one is a budding tween! Holy cow!

Why do I feel so old?

Maybe its the body aches.
The headaches.
I'm becoming a bit of a hypochondriac because now I need to find a chiropractor, because maybe my twisted painful back is why I am having headaches! I dont' know. I know the going belief is that you are as young as you feel. So maybe because I feel old, I am old (sigh). Does anyone else feel this way? All of a sudden, you wake up and you are almost middle aged and you realize that you aren't 30 anymore??

A few months ago, I saw a piece on the Today Show that said that 40 was the new 20 because magazines were opting to put the older actress/model on covers instead of the young whipper snappers. Could it be because all the young ones are in rehab? ;)
Or could it be that the beauty in being 40 is that you are no longer 20 or 30 and you have some history and you understand how life works sometimes and you trust that you are doing what you are put on the earth to do. You don't get too overly excited and you know just the right amount to give.

So hear I am. Headachy, backachy, sleep deprived, its a wonder that I can function at all.

On the other hand. I have four really neat daughters, and married to a man who balances out my daily crazy making so well. I also have two that pays the bills and one that pays the soul. I am blessed and thankful and achy...and the truth of the matter is: God is good (all the time).


Kristi said...

Those darn young whippersnappers clogging up the rehabs! :P You crack me up, girlie.

I have a GREAT chiro if you want a rec! :)

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