My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.


14 January 2010
One of the beautiful things about living out here in the sticks...

is that we have access to some things you city dwellers may not necessarily have access to. Like for instance, the dairy from last week. And this week?

a herd of sheep grazing in a field next door to the school.

Selah has been wanting to go out and take pictures with "sheep" for quite some time now, so today, we got up kind of early, got dressed and headed out.

Yes, that is dirt in #4's mouth...

Ok. Its sheep! I know. They don't do much do they? But the girls loved it. I warned Selah NOT to touch the little fence they used to hold the sheep in the field, but she got too close and ZAP! She got a little shock and a reminder...stay away from the fence! What a reminder for us as Christians. God gives us instructions...stay away from the fence. Yet, often times, we get just too close and ZAP! Hmmm,

Yet, watching the sheep also reminded me of another story in the Bible. Do you feel like braying today? Bah bah!

Enjoy! Have a great day.


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