My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.

eyelet Interview meet Arden Prucha of Arden Prucha Photography!

01 June 2011
Well, I first "met" Arden on a forum that I belong to called I heart faces.  I put "met" in parenthesis, because I have not actually met her face to face.  But I have chatted with her on the i heart faces forum, groups, and on FB.  I am simply amazed at how stunning her work is.  I hope to graduate to her level soon and I swear, if she ever started having classes (hint hint) I would be on a plane in a second.  I have family and friends in Texas...wouldn't be a problem! 

I had such a hard time choosing images for this post.  Every one was just gorgeous!

1) Introduce yourself and get the visitors “in” on your work! Let me introduce myself… I am Arden Jenkins of Arden Prucha Photography. My life is a little chaotic – 2.5 kiddos, my mate, a dog combined with a very flighty brain. We have a boy, a girl and a surprise baking! I love great food, snuggling with my entire family (who happen to all have P names, including our dog) and laughing. It is funny to grow up and never think of yourself as an ‘artist.’ I danced growing up, enjoyed art-related tasks, but would never have told you I was artistic. Photography, come to find out, is what really completes me.

Arden in action.

2) I love your work. LOVE it…which is why I look at it often. How did you get started in the photography business, and when?
Looking back, it all started when I was in elementary school. I would pose my neighbors and Barbies and photograph them. I even staged and entire Barbie wedding and photographed it – going down to the detail of holding the bouquet mid air while Barbie’s arms were in throwing position! I knew in 2006 that I really wanted to pursue it and was hooked up with a couple of girls who helped me grow. One being Heather Essian, who allowed me to second shoot with her for a year and a half!

That is so super cool that you photographed your barbies. It would be awesome to see those shots! I used to make houses out of books for mine with multiple rooms and passageways...maybe I should have been an architect!  I think its equally "neat" that you had such a wonderful mentor to bring you along. I think it would be nice to be under someone's wing (so to speak) as you learn to develop your own style.


3)When was the first magic moment that you knew you wanted to be a photographer? In 2003 my son was born… I was enamored with him, picked up any camera around and began capturing. So technically I was a ‘mom-tog,’ but was only 22 and it was so long ago that it wasn’t ‘cool’ yet. I kept shooting, upgrading cameras and LOVED it.


4)When did you make it a full time thing?
In 2009 I had been teaching for 3 years and loved my students, but didn’t feel ‘gifted’ at teaching. I knew it was time to end that chapter and begin another. I have NEVER looked back.
I think I know how you feel with this one! And then to still be in a "field" that isn't where you want to be, is difficult. But, there is a season for everything under the sun you know?

5)And I have to ask, because it’s a question that people are asking themselves anyway, what do you shoot with and what is your favorite lens?
I am a Canon girl now. I have slowly progressed through equipment, but have the 5dMarkii. My favorite lens? Probably my 85mm 1.2 and I also love the unique quality of my 45mm Tilt Shift… though that is a difficult sucker to get spot on focus!
I would love to get a tilt shift...for now, will leave it to the computer to create this for me.

6)Describe your style.
Oh gosh, shouldn’t someone else? My friend Heather described me as having creative edge… I also think I have a modern twist and adore color. My goal is to show my clients’ love, personality and fun!
I think you described how [i at least] see your style, which is what attracted me initially to your photography. Clean, crisp, modern and color!


7) Your subjects range from newborns and children to seniors to newlyweds and families… what is your favorite subject to photograph?
This has been unfolding for a while now, I think after you do this enough you really get a feel for what you are ‘good’ at – or feel ‘good’ at. I really adore couples, brides and seniors. I believe it’s because I can put a fashion twist on those sessions!
When I first started out, I wanted to shoot only newborns. Newborns. Newborns! But as I started shooting them, I learned that I really liked holding them more than I liked photographing them. It really takes a certain level of patience with those little people and I just don't think I have either. I just saw one of your tutorials on newborns, which taught me some PS techniques that I didn't know about before- thank you! But, I love weddings and I hope to photograph them more.


8) What is something that you are still learning?
BUSINESS! Gosh, one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Running a business – but doing so legitimately, legally, and properly. It’s actually quite humbling, to say the least.


9)What is the one thing that you LOVE LOVE about what you do?
I love setting up moments that make me sigh - in love. There is nothing like looking at your work and smiling because you LOVE what you see. I get to create something that no one else can – my brain is unique, as all artists are – and my clients are amazing, beautiful, fun and photogenic. I am also grateful to be able to not work ‘for the man’ and stay at home with my kids!

10) I don't have a studio, so for someone who is looking to bulk up her studio creds, would equipment should I get first?
I actually don’t own a studio space, something I go back and forth on. Honestly it would depend on if you want a natural light studio or a studio filled with off camera lighting. I think the most important thing is making it professional, warm and comfortable. If we decide to go that route my space will be built on our lot, might as well spend the money for our own space rather than spend a lot of dough on renting!


11) When you have nothing scheduled, where are we most likely to find you?
Out eating with my family – we live in a great part of Fort Worth that is growing like crazy. I am so ecstatic about the wonderful restaurants that keep opening. Often times we are out in our front yard hanging out – sometimes camera in hand sometimes not!

Arden with her beautiful family.

12) As a photographer, I look to others, their work, their business model, who they seem to be as a person as viewed through their blogs or FB posts; if I look to you, who are YOU looking to?
I love the Lyons’ work – Amelia and her husband. Very unique and edgy. Something about Bobbi + Mike… I think they would be a blast to get to know! Light and Truth: Red Leaf Studios has some AMAZING and inspirational work. I stay connected with some DFW photographers and Stacy Reeves is a great business woman with wonderful advice!

These are some great photographers.  I may need to add them to my list of ones to watch!

13) Coke or Pepsi?
I am not a soda gal… typically I will be drinking: water, wine or coffee. Healthy right?


14) Knowing what you know now, what is something you would have done differently when you first started out?
I would have focused on the business side FIRST. Seriously, it’s so important to get that stuff down and HIRE anyone you need to to help. Trying to do it all adds so much weight on your shoulders. Doing it all as an after-thought makes it so much more difficult.

15) Something that I would like to know is, if ever, at any point in your career, have you thought about quitting, or doubted yourself, or hit a wall and wondered how to get over it? If so, can you give a little background? How did you over come that hurdle?
I still go through that. I am really nervous about adding a third babe to this fast paced life. When this little one arrives we will have a 7 year old, a 22month and a newborn just before the busy fall season. Last fall was my busiest season yet… not sure I will be able to hang this year! I don’t want to quit, but if I need to slow down to focus on my family I am completely okay with that. They will not be tiny for long and I really want to cherish this beautiful time and make sure my marriage is strong and stable. Nothing else is more important than that.


16) Who are YOU, other than a photographer?
I am a lover of Christ, an unorganized, crazy, mommy and wife. I am a giver, a forgiver and an open book. I enjoy many things, but don’t take the time to actually do them – perhaps the procrastinator in me? I am also imperfect… beautifully made in Him.

I didn't know this about you, being a Christian, and that just draws me closer :D!  I am a lover of Christ as well and I can't help but be drawn to other Believers.  That's awesome!

17) I have a huge purse love, do you have any fun or extraordinary talents or obsessions, that you’d like to share with us?
I am really good at purchasing expensive things for less. Even my Beemer was 50% off! Basically I refuse to pay full price for items, seems so silly. I also love dancing around the house and laughing like a grackle. Is that a talent or a curse?
Uh...LOL. Now I wish I had some audio for this blog so we could take a listen and decide for ourselves!


18) Looking back on all you have done to date, what has been your favorite moment as a photographer?
Honestly, my favorite moments are when clients or strangers send me the kindest words. I don’t think there could be a greater gift. To hear the gratitude and compliments of others really solidifies why I am doing this gift I have been given. So many thanks to all of my supporters!

19) What has been your best marketing strategy?
Not sure if I have one really. Facebook has been the best marketing for me. My goal on my FB Business page is to connect with my ‘fans.’ Asking questions and getting conversation going is something I adore. I also think contributing input on I Heart Faces and The [B] School have helped me connect with other photographers.
Yep, I first found you on  That is a neat forum.  I am also on B School but I am having a hard time getting into the groove over there, not sure why. 

20). You and your camera, across time and space, where would you go and what would you photograph?
Realistically: Europe, the beauty, the people, the free life and love there. They appear to enjoy life more than Americans. Simple things like dining at a café at 2pm, travel and have month long vacations or have 3-4 hour dinners just talking, drinking, laughing, and loving. Sounds perfect to me!
Fantasy: Document Jesus’ life on earth… how amazing that journey would be!
That would be awesome! I think if we had pictures, more people might believe...but then again, its about faith in what we can't see!


21) What is the one piece of advice you could give that could be invaluable to someone starting out?
Do NOT sell yourself short. Practice and grow as quickly as possible and do not be the under-priced photographer. Trust me, you will be sorry in the end. There are too many of “those” now and as artists we must be faithful, confident and provide GREAT work even during the process of growth.

22) Lastly, what is one word in the English dictionary that describes you?
Fitting enough: Ardent 
(of which I was not named after)


Where can people find you, like you, and love you just as I do?

website site:
eye color: gray-blue
Blood type: Um, I have no idea! However I am RH-Negative, which means my body can attack my babies if I do not have a certain medication during every pregnancy.
and favorite food: Right now I am loving scallops along with fancy salads, sandwiches and wraps. Mmmm, food is my BFF at this moment!


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I just love Arden!! It was great to get to know the talented woman behind the lens...


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Thanks Danielle! So thankful that Arden agreed to let us in for a few questions.

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Great interview with Arden! She's one of my fav-photog friends as well. Adore her work and kindness. ;) Thanks Dawniele!

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