My excitement and love for photography grows with every person I meet...every photo I take.

It brings me joy to capture your emotions, your laughter, and your moment with every frame.

Its your story. You are unique.

Let me be your visual record keeper.


30 December 2010
Gosh its been awhile since I have just sat and written a short eyelet about things going on in my life. The hours turn into days and the days into weeks and before you know it...bam! Its the end of the year! I can't believe it, can you? I remember thinking last New Years Eve that we had a long school year still left (with very few days off) and wondered how I would ever make, I am like, "can't I have just one more week of vacation? Im not ready to get back into the routine."

First off, thank you thank you for helping to make 2010 a success for eyefull photography. It has been a wonderful year from beginning to end and I cannot express my gratitude to you enough. For 2011, I hope to continue building momentum, moving forward, charting a new course... And when the problems come (as they are sure to because we are not promised a happy life) well, then, that is why my eyes are set on Jesus. I can set all the goals in the world, but if they do not align up with what I believe the Lord has for me, well then, I may as well stand in one place.

So, where do I see myself in 2011?

Well, to start off, my daughter turns 2 on the 3rd, so I guess some kind of party to celebrate her birthday would be in order.

But larger goals?

*strengthen my walk with the Lord through daily devotion and prayer. The Bible says, draw closer to God and he will draw closer to you. OK, I think I will give that a try in 2011!

*stop with the negative self talk. I am my worse critic and I sure can tear myself down in my own mind.

*Take my head off the swivel. I know its hard, but comparing yourself to someone else can be dangerous.

*Teach my daughters to be ladies. Psalsm 144:12 says, "[my] daughters will be like pillars, carved to adorn a palace." I am charged with helping to grow them into strong, Christ loving, beautiful women.

Those are personal goals.

Professional goals?

For some reason, these are a little bit harder for me to figure out. I don't know why they are, but they are:

1) Move the business in the direction and the genre I feel that my talent and passion lie.

2) Don't be afraid if things look like they are not moving forward.

3) Continue training and learning. Do not stop. This will grow confidence and skill.

I hope that you are able to set some goals for yourself as well and give Thanks to God for all he has done and will do.

Happy New Year.



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