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eyefull: So you decided to get married...Part 1:

11 July 2011
Part 1:  Rings and Venues

So you have finally decided to make the jump and get married!
I am so excited for you.
I remember when I got engaged and started planning my wedding...oh so many years ago. It was exciting, overwhelmings, lots of discussions and planning.  It was like having a second job. Every weekend we were going out to do something wedding related.  Wedding have come a looong way since then. Honestly, if I were to get married today my wedding would look so different than it did (clear my throat)  years ago :D.

I am loving Pinterest. Have you checked it out? It is a great place to find inspiration and ideas on a variety of endeavors, from house decorating, crafts, food, and YES Weddings!!  You "pin" and "repin" your favorites to your own boards and then you can go back and review them, move them around, or whatever.  It has been helping me to find my style, my likes and dislikes.

If you haven't already, choosing your wedding rings can be an amazing activity. It gives you both a chance to talk about what you like what you don't like and the style you like.  This might be one of the first indicators of how your wedding and reception will proceed, your decorating styles and your tastes from food to bow ties!  Wedding rings range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. So its good to set your budget early to make sure that you don't go over when you are out shopping. There are so many different styles to choose from. Below are just a few that I found on Pinterest in preparation for this article.


You can go sleek and classic with simple wedding bands, or do something bold. Its all up to you. The couple.

The next step in planning your wedding, would be securing your venues for both the church and the reception site and also your photographer. As an Arizona portrait and wedding photographer, of course I would LOVE for you to choose me to photograph capture your day.  Realistically, your photography budget may be between 20-30% of your entire budget, so when you spend that much money for one vendor, you want to make sure you choose someone who you get along with, who you like as a person, and whose style of photography best reflects what you want.  That's right, I said "style".  Photographers are not cookie cutters. We all have different ways of approaching our craft, from equipment to editing.  Once you view some wedding photographers websites and blogsites on line, make sure that you speak to them, if not in person, at least on the telephone.  That will tell you a lot about personality and vision toward wedding photography, and whether or not you think you can get along with them for the next 6-9 months as you plan your wedding~! Here are a few basic questions you might want to keep in mind when discussing your photography needs:

1) How long have you been in business?
2) How many weddings have you photographed?
2) Can I see photos of the weddings? Both candid and posed?
3) Do you have any referrals that I can call?
4) What is your approach toward wedding photography and protratiture?
5) What is your turn around time for photos?
6) What is your backup plan?


Whether you choose an indoor venue, an outside venue, or something inbetween, the details will help what make your wedding day wonderful. Choose a competent and established wedding planner to help you plan your day. (In the weeks to come, I will be interviewing wedding planners in the Phoenix area or their business and their vision when helping a bride plan their wedding).   Wedding planners that I have followed through FB, Blueprint Affairs, LLC or Karen Doan Events do an absolutely gorgeous job of planning events from start to finish. Check out these cool wedding venues. Some are elaborate and some are simple backyards, but its the details that make it special don't you think?


As you can see, though each venue is different, the use of light, both natural and articifical, coupled with tiny details and special touches create the ambience on your wedding day. If you are a country girl, you might choose a barn wedding and have details that reflect your love of country. If you want a more traditional wedding, glass and china, might be what you decide will make your day special.   Even if you are having an english style of wedding...all of these will play into WHERE you have your wedding and the TIME of your event.  But, whatever you decide, make sure it reflects you...You and your fiancee. THAT is what will make your day special and memorable.  If you are looking for someone to help you fine tune details with creative flair, contact Creative Occasions, they specialize in taking your vision and making it reality with colors and creativity! 

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Vendors:,, Karen Doan Events, Blue Print Affairs, Creative Occasions, Style Me Pretty

Up next? Flowers, wedding dresses, shoes, hair, grooms tuxes, bridesmaids/grooms men and gifts!!


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