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So you decided to get married: Part 2...Wedding Shoes

12 July 2011
I don't know if I should admit this or not...but Im really not much of a shoe girl. I have shoes because I don't want my feet to get dirty. But when it comes to picking them out, its kind of a "as needed basis." If I need a pair of sandals, I go and look for a pair of sandals. If I need tennis shoes (if you remember my tennis shoe debaucle here, here, and here) then I go out and find some. But I know there are some people for whom shoes are an obsession! And that's cool. Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit.

On your wedding day, shoes are just as important! Maybe even more so. As a wedding photographer, I love to see shoes that push the limit and are outside of the box in terms of colors and style.  They tell me a little bit about your personality...hmmm, will your rock some cute flats, or go all out with the embellished stilleto's?  Its all about personal taste, what you like, and most importantly, what you will feel comfortable in.

What comes first? The dress or the shoes? Well, for my purposes, I am posting shoes first? Why? Because in my search on Pinterest, I found some smoking hot shoes, that just might make me turn into a shoe kinda girl after all!

Traditional wedding shoes are usually white, satin and medium or high heel. That’s usually because most wedding dresses are white, long and of a satin-like material. But you might want to do things differently...just because the majority go with the white dress and white shoes does not mean you have to. And as a photographer, if you choose to sport a pair of blue high heeled stilletos, more power to you! Check out these styles!


Certain details require your personal attention, so don’t leave it to others. You spend so much time perfecting your wedding dress, you must spend at least a quarter of that time deciding your wedding shoes.

Go ahead, start the beginning of your new life as a married girl with the best pair of shoes that you can buy. All eyes will be riveted on you when you make your grand entrance and when you are confident in what you are wearing you will have the courage to move on and walk confidently along the aisle.
(In fact, that cute pair of pink bedazzled keds? One of my brides wore those as she walked down the aisle! These shoes were all her and she worked the look all the way to her groom!)

shoes 3

Generally brides wear white shoes but you don't have to. Subtle and elegant colors will only enhance your outfit. Ivory colored shoes are a great option. Or blue, red and pink. The choice for wedding shoes is one and many and you can choose between silver stilettos, white wedges or flip flops.


I found a few pair of shoes that I am like "Yes, I want to rock that look." Haha! Maybe I should get married again. Or maybe, I can just buy the darn things and rock the look with my camera photographing your wedding! Or...just maybe...Im wearing them as I type this article...;)

shoes2 circled 

Everybody will be looking at you; your dress, your hair, your make up, your accessories and your shoes. Your shoes can be both comfortable and fashionable, but only push the fashion in as much as you can bare it. If you can't rock the shoes with confidence, choose another pair that you can!

And don't forget about your best girls standing next to you at the front.  They want to rock a look too...
So go out there, and find yourself a pair of shoes for your wedding day!

Oh and lest I's shoes are equally important as the bridal shoes. The same rules apply though. Work the shoes, but feel comfortable and confident while you're doing it!~

mens shoes

vendors/highlights:, Style Me Pretty, Nina Shoes, Weddingiluv, Citified, StephanieFay, Light in the Box, Zappos, Kate Spade, DSW, Hey Lady, Nordstrom

mens shoes: BergdorfGoodman, Gucci, Dies Van Noten, Burburry, Prada, Calvin Klein

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